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how to get the labelled door origin

I have a label that I would like to know the origin of the door that it is labelling. What I have so far below. This works fine for a door in a straight wall at any rotation. When I come to a radial wall I can't seem to find any global parameters whi...

React to Object elevation change

I am looking for the correct equivalent of if GLOB_MODPAR_NAME = "SYMB_POS_Z" then... which doesn't work. I need an object to react e.g. to change height, if its [Offset from Home Story] is adjusted in the common interface. Currently the whole object...

Resolved! Label for hatch

I would to create a label that shows the contour pen, pen of the background fill and pen of the fill pattern.I cannot extract those information with the default Autotext. I noticed that when when I'm creating custom label with Autotext, the informati...

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Custom change marker head?

Hi, Has anyone done a custom change marker that is just a text block? I'd like to mimick the behaviour of commenting in Bluebeam in Archicad in order not having to publish pdf''s all the time. I prefer not to use Archicads complicated changer markers...


Custom label for dimension string documentation

Hi all, i spent Friday working on a custom label, which will be used to document column centers within dimension strings. Our current workflow is to use two grouped text boxes and a dashed line, to extend from the relevant column to the dimension str...

Centerline label prototype issue.png