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Resolved! uI_listitem - Loops

Hi All, Does ui_listitem not work in loops? I am only getting a single item... FOR i = 1 to 10 ui_listitem{2} i, 1, array[i][2], 1, "" next i array[1][2] And if there is someway to get it to work, is there a way to set the paramDesc to an array? Ling...

Resolved! Alternate objects dimension in loop

Hello, I might be drowning in a glass of water here. I have a working script where two objects of the same width are duplicated by a FOR-TO-NEXT, where the user chooses if it want all the objects at the same height or alternate height. With my limite...

jc4d_0-1678271689274.png jc4d_1-1678271697446.png jc4d_2-1678271906618.png jc4d_3-1678271970452.png
jc4d Expert
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Resolved! Array - Boolean Text Input

Hi All, How might you go about creating a scrollable UI list that has 3 columns based on two array parameters? A [i][2] text array, and a [i] boolean array. I currently just have it adding lines as it loops based on the top input, but that can hit th...



I've made a GSM object in one of my drawings but when I bring the GSM object into anther drawing it says invalid 3D symbol. Why would this be?

Clare Participant
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Wallblock Edges

Hi all, Anyone have some insight into how to get WALLBLOCK2{2} working? Trying to reference the Plaster Turn macro does not give much insight... Not enough edges in generatrix.WALLBLOCK2{2} 5, 2, 2,8 * (bLocalFill | bFitToSkinFill) + 32 * bFitToSkinF...

Resolved! Library_Master for centralized data

I am writing a keynotes system based on text files loaded into the project library. I am curious if there is a way of centrally setting a value (or more specifically, an array), using the Library Master object, which could then be used by all my keyn...

s_p_b Booster
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