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GDL Tube loop

I'm working on a small project in GDL, to create a 'picture frame' from a profile swept along a polyline. I have just a rectangle for now but can put in more complex details later. The result responds to parametric width, height and profile thickness...

ArchDMn Contributor
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Resolved! Scheduling objects

Hi I have created some panels that i need to schedule the length. The object is created by selecting two archicad profiles. one for profile and the second for the plan shape. The idea of scheduling is to read the length of bounding box and rewrite A ...


Resolved! Problem with SUBGROUP

I'm building a parametric component for a modular battery storage unit. Everything works in terms of basic geometry creation, but I want to finish the component with some additional details - recessed handles and grooves. This is what the 'dumb' comp...

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Forward Migration - Arrays

In an old GDL object I have values stored in a 10 x 8 parameter arrNameA. I want to extract the values in columns 6 & 7 e.g. arrNameA [#][6] into a new parameter array arrNameB in the new object. Is it possible to split these values out in the migrat...

Resolved! Wall hole offset in 3D but not in floor plan

Hello, I have created a custom wallhole with some offset parameters, the thing is it shows in 3D but is not reflected in the floor plan. This shouldn't be automatic? 3D script: PUT A/2+left_tol, -B, 15, A/2+left_tol, 0, 15, A/2+left_tol, B, 15, -A/2,...

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Property Expression Line Break

Hey guys, Wondering if there is a way to add line breaks into property expressions within property manager, for GDL its \n but the backslash character doesnt seem to function within property manager, and i guess it would need to be an operator or suc...