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I recently found the LP_​XMLConverter:


May I ask what it is used for?


It looks like it is used for converting between XML and HSF. Could it be that some coders compose in xml and need to convert the file format? Could it be the XML / HSF code different to the code produced using the standard Archicad GSM editor when one saves an object? 


When I save a standard GSM file, isn't that a native file format for obejcts Archicad. The same when I group GSM files together and save as a Library file in Archicad, isn't that also a standard archicad file format. 


Many thanks, Matt


The LPXML converter is very helpful if you want to write GDL code outside of archicad, manage your objects through revision system like git or make bulk edits to objects. 

it allows for more coherent development strategies if you are developing a full library of objects. 

once you convert a xml or hsf to a gsm it is the same as if you’d created it from within Archicad. 


I find it especially helpful to decompile two versions of an object and run a diff on the two xml files to compare differences.  

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Cool, thank you Scott, you have expanded my GDL coding horizons!


I will read up on git next.


Best regards, Matt

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