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Community Forum Restructure Workshop - Please apply here

Emoke Csikos

Dear Community Members,


This is where we ask you to send your replies to apply for the Community Forum Restructure Workshop to be held on Friday, November 11th.


Thank you.

Emőke M. Csikós
Customer Engagement Expert

Greg Kmethy

Thanks for those participating in the "Community Forum Restructure Workshop"! The aim of this workshop was to improve this Community's usability with the involvement of its users. Admittedly, it had a narrow scope and that may be dissappointing.  We clearly have a lot more to do!


A lot of people here at Graphisoft are reading these forums and are painfully aware of your concerns regarding the forum, and also our products, roadmap and wishlist. These are all things we care a lot about.


We made some baby steps earlier this year, (organizing product webinars, sharing our high-level product roadmap), and there is a lot more we want to do. It will take time but we are on it! I appreciate all your past and future contribution here on Graphisoft Community!

Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft

With the greatest respect you may be painfully aware of our concerns, but the lack of progress in recent releases with bugs and half finished developments isn't addressing those concerns. You can throw as much gloss and bull... at the problem as you want, like new forums & side show webinars, but until GS start delivering significant workflow improvements in Archicad to compensate for the recent vacuum created by prioritising Structural integration then the pile of complaints will not diminish.


"It will take time... " is not the correct response, it has been used too many times over the years and is loosing credibility. Your customers pay significant sums each year to help this product develop. At this point in time I can imagine a lot of users are questioning why they are still paying. AC27 could be more significant than you think to the future of Graphisoft, this year it needs to actually deliver substantial architecturally relevant user benefits to address user concerns.

Apple iMac macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds)

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