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Graphisoft public roadmap - Follow-up conversation

Dear Community, We're excited to have published our roadmap! We'd love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please feel free to use this thread for discussion. Graphisoft Insights announcement:

Annotated Polyline Tool

I was recently asked to create an annotated line tool by a user on this forum. I personally believe that this sort of thing should be handled by Graphisoft as part of the built in polyline tool. However, as it was a simple project and the need was th...

BIMcloud 2021.2 is Now Available

Dear All, BIMcloud 2021.2 has been released in the following language versions: AUS, AUT, FIN, GER, INT, NED, NOR, NZE, SWE, UKI, USA. Support for other languages is coming soon. The primary focus of this release is delivering fixes and improving the...

Archicad 25 Update 3011 Released

Dear All, Yesterday we have made Archicad 25 Update 3011 available. We have created packages for the INT, AUS, NZE, UKI, USA, GER and AUT versions so far and they all passed our tests. The Check for Updates feature will notify end users about the new...

Polls missing from forum?

Unless my eyesight is worse than I thought, it is no longer possible to create a user poll to associate with Archicad wishes?. I host and run a forum myself (for New Zealand Architects), and know this is usually a case of simply enabling the option f...

Archicad Competency Test

Hi Community, Since the new community website has been launched, I thought this would be a great time to share the link for the online Archicad Competency Test. Good luck! Regards Matt...

Resolved! Private Messages missing?

Fish out of water here! I just went to look at my private messages and they are all missing. I had some very important ones in corresponding back and forth with GS tech support on open issues. Will those be showing up again anytime soon? I did not tr...

rm by Expert
  • 8 replies

Where are the Help Center user manuals?

As a BIM manager, one of my strongest tools has been the help center user manuals. The searchable, official content is an irreplaceable resource when searching for or directing users to the developer-intended use of a tool or function. With every lin...

Daniel by Contributor
  • 10 replies