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Apple SPACES interface

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Do others have my problem with Apple's SPACES and AC 12, AC 11 etc.

I thought that it would be wonderful to be able to access past projects done in AC 11 and newer ones in AC 12 by using SPACES. But the system appears to get confused and flips uncontrollably back and forth between the two pages.
Any recommendations ?
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I've experienced the same problem with Spaces. Sometimes I completely lose my archicad file just because I went to check my email in another space (Kinda annoying). This is never a good thing when your in a Teamwork project and you can't find you way back to it from another Space. It almost seems like it disappears in Apple's Spaces while the program stays active in the background somewhere.
I have had some success using the F8 command with spaces rather than my own shortcuts to toggle in between them. Thus I can have AC10, AC11, AC12, and email in there own space. Also when Spaces gets confused and pulls half your application into another space, you can always select the top part of the menu bar (your current app) and drag it back to the space its supposed to be in.
I don't know if this helps you any...but this has been my experience with Spaces.
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I had these same issues and don't use spaces.
this problem has been bugging me ever since leopard came out first and graphisoft has still not managed to fix it, especially since most other applications do not seem to have any problem with spaces.. at least for me.

can someone from graphisoft give some indication as to when this might be fixed or even if they plan to fix it at all?

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