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Archicad crashes on macOS 12.3 when closing a tab with the Tab Bar

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

UPDATED: the fix for this issue is part of Archicad 25 Update 5010 and a special hotfix Archicad 24 Update 7009, which was released for Archicad 24 and Archicad 24 Solo.


Dear All,


We have been notified about a new issue with Archicad on the latest update (12.3) for macOS Monterey.


Issue: Archicad crashes if users close a tab using the X icon, or hover the mouse over this icon. The issue happens on Archicad 24 and Archicad 25 (please refer to it as DEF-8186).


For those who have already installed macOS 12.3 update, here are some workarounds to avoid the crash:

  1. Hide the Tab Bar by opening Windows menu > Hide Tab Bar, then navigate using the Navigator or Organizer.
  2. Without hiding the Tab Bar, we can cycle between the tabs using Ctrl + Tab hotkey (or via the Windows menu). To close the current tab, use Cmd + W hotkey. To close all other tabs, open the Windows menu and select Close All Other Tabs and Windows.

The fix for this issue is part of Archicad 24 Update 7009 and Archicad 25 Update 5010.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer


Accepted Solutions
Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Dear All,


The fix for this issue is part of Archicad 24 Update 7009 and Archicad 25 Update 5010.

For more information, please follow this announcement here.


Best regards,


Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

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Bob Moore

Thanks. Unfortunately have already installed and had 4 crashes this morning.

AC 7 - 27

iMac 27"

Mac OS Sonoma 14.0

3.1 GHz 6-Core Intel Core

32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

Radeon Pro 575X 4 GB

Yes, I can confirm this bug. We also have updated our 5 Archicad workstations already and can reproduce the crashes.....

Apple iMac Pro with macOS Sonoma, AC 5.0 to 27 INT and GER, all the latest
Aaron Cole

Having the same problem, lessons learned about exercising extreme patience with macOS updates. Has anyone attempted to roll back their OS?

I always exercise patience with major OS upgrades, as has been the case for the past several years, but incremental OS updates usually don't cause crashes. So I think the early updaters to 12.3 can't really be at fault here. Hoping it gets fixed soon, but am enjoying UNIVERSAL CONTROL!

Rex Maximilian, Honolulu, USA -
ArchiCAD 27 (user since 3.4, 1991)
16" MacBook Pro; M1 Max (2021), 32GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 32-Core GPU
Apple Vision Pro w/ BIMx
Creator of the Maximilian ArchiCAD Template System

I can confirm I am also having this problem.

AC 6.5-27; macOS Sonoma; 2019 MacBook Pro 2.4gHz, i9

It took me a bit to realize the tab closing triggered the (endless) crashes. Good to see I'm not alone with this one and hope GS gets a fix out for this soon! On a side note.. there should be an opt-out on the crash reporter. Having to force quit that thing 40xs a day gets old. 

Design loving, technology geek. USA
Archicad (v25) - MacOS (14.2) - MacbookPro (M1Pro)
Jeff Griffin

How do these things even happen? I'd assume that Graphisoft is surely part of the Apple Developer Program, aren't they? If not, why aren't they? Even Dropbox was aware of an upcoming change to macOS 12.3 that would cause an issue and started warning users about an incompatibility that they were aware of, way back in January. How did macOS 12.3 completely blindside Graphisoft? Why leave things like this for the paying customers to find and report? Just to reiterate something that I said in a previous post, at the present time, the only two versions of Archicad compatible with macOS Monterey (24 & 25) are both buggy now after the 12.3 update, since this issue wasn't identified and addressed by Graphisoft when they had the chance, while every other developer has access to the 12.3 beta starting way back in January. How much longer should we expect to wait for this (and all of the other bugs) to be fixed? 

iMac 27 (2020) 3.8 GHz Core i7; 128 GB RAM; Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB GPU (macOS Sonoma)
MacBook Pro M1 Max; 64 GB RAM; 32-Core GPU (macOS Sonoma)
ArchiCAD 27/26/25 Full (latest builds). User since AC12 (2008).
Jon Oxman

We upgraded to Mac OS 12.3 and AC 25, Build 5005 last night. This morning, in addition to having  several users report Archicad crashing when closing the Activity tab. I have one user with Archicad repeatedly crashing when doing a variety of actions, even after re-installing Archicad. It seems like this is also related to the Activity tab crashing. Do you know of other instances of AC 25 crashing for other reasons after upgrading to Mac OS 12.3.

I'm starting to think I will downgrade to MacOS 12.2.  

(I have given myself some serious muscle-clinching moments when my cursor rests near any of the tabs)  😉 



AC 6.5-27; macOS Sonoma; 2019 MacBook Pro 2.4gHz, i9