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License priority order?

Hello, We are having som strange issues with how Archicad collects our licenses from our available pool. We have a combination of physical CodeMeter-keys as well as software licenses. In our CodeMeter Admin we have set up a specific server search ord...

Gap in insulation

Hi! Attached,I have a wall and a gap in insulation(in plan and 3D) appeared randomly.If I'm moving the wall,the gap disappears.I'm using Archicad 24 and it has happened before in other versions.I'm trying to figure it out why is it happening. I would...

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backup file location

My company uses box for our cloud storage, so every time we save a .pln file it syncs with the online file system. For some reason box has difficulty with the .bpn files and I was wondering if I could specify that the backup files be saved in a diffe...

Magic wand tool forcing program to crash

I am using archicad23 education version, whenever I use the magic wand tool to create a spline line the program shows the loading icon but it never stops. I have to go to task manager and force quit the program. I was using an Apple Mac when this pro...

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Virtual license distribution

I am attemping to set up an archicad license distribution from a virtual machine in Azure. Are there anyone that has experience with this kind of solution?

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Upload personal license to company license pool?

I have no idea as I don't use software licenses. But I can imagine it would not be possible as your company would have specific licenses assigned to it by Graphisoft. Just as you have yours. However if it is a software license, there should be no iss...

Random Dimensioning to origin

Just woke my Mac from sleep with an existing session of AC24 4018 UKI FULL running and found a set of dimensions on plan had reconfigured themselves to include a connection to 0,0 origin which is at the centre of my model. Instant melt down as I am o...

Video Tutorial - Switch from Autocad to Archicad

hi all, I am looking for a video tutorial that introduces Archicad to Autocad users - something between 30 to 90 minutes. It should enable a Autocad user to do "exactly" the same 2D things in Archicad he/she has done in Autocad. Or at least it should...