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BIMcloud and License Manager Tool for Apple Silicon


Hi there


Since at least most may work with a native Mac version for Apple Silicon (we are unfortunately still eagerly waiting for the CH version) and we have a new server coming, a question about native versions:
Is there already somewhere a native Apple Silicon version of the following two products:
- BIMcloud
- License Manager Tool

The License Manager Tool ist not that important, could also be used on an old computer. But the BIMcloud would be important. We want to set up a new server without Rosetta.


Unfortunately I didn't found any informations from Graphisoft (neither IDC knows anything) and hope for some Informations on this way.




I run two BIMcloud Basic servers on a Mac with over a dozen users between the two and 75 GB worth of projects. There has been "no" issues running BIMcloud Basic servers on a Mac.

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@Rex Maximilian 

I'am with you. We run that too. But we've got just one application, which doesn't run natively: BIMcloud. All other made the change to support Apple Silicon natively...


I guess the time should have been enough to make that. 🤞

I recently did a refresh on the BIMCloud we have running albeit it being small.  I noticed when I downloaded the installer the .dmg file is appended with INTEL.  I am wondering if anyone has a silicon mac can try and downloading BIMCloud and see if they have a file appended with SILICON instead?  I guess that Graphisoft has indicated with the INTEL file name appendage is that they need to distinguish between INTEL and SILICON machines for all their software and that a transition is necessary.  The question of when is well . . . . . . . . .

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