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Resolved! bug report AC25-2021-12-23-15-12-14-5570

Hi, I'm using Macbook Pro M1 MAX 2021, with macOS Monterey Version 12.0.1my Archicad is version 25I get this bug report every time I try to close the app from the top menu "Quit Archicad" if I'm trying to restart my laptop for example. Any idea how t...

Super Slow to generate layouts?

I'm working on a project and having an awful time just trying to get the layouts to load with the drawing I want, I haven't even started to add fills or draw lines applinked??Please help I've tried turning off layers but I don't think its helped at a...

kiwleini by Participant
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Graphisoft ID Login page Issue

hi,when i am try to open my graphisoft login ( then my login directing me to Graphisoft Account login page ( Please provide the solution

Kapri-09 by Participant
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Archicad 25 keeps freezing

Hello, i'm writing on behalf of my boss who owns macbook pro late 2019 Big Sur. He installed properly the arc 25. He then allowed arc25 to access to files and folders. After restart problems started to show up. On the first run arc25 didn't boot up a...

MArk by Participant
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License Manager Tool not working

Hello, I am trying to use Archicad on my portable computer since I am traveling abroad and still need to work on some projects. I tried using the License Manager Tool but it didn’t work. Since It is really urgent, I am writing here to know how can I ...

MacOS Dark Mode

Are we ever likely to see a Dark Mode that doesn't generate difficult to read graphics like this... The blue is bad enough but black on dark grey (lines 3 & 4) is nearly impossible to read.

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 19.14.19.png

Get a new student license with existing student account

Hello everyone, i used archicad23 2 years ago for my student project and never used it again after that.Now I need to use it for a student project and I downloaded the newest version. I just don't know where to renew the student license after 2 years...

AQi230 by Newcomer
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Resolved! Archicad 25 can not be downloaded

Hi, I would like to use Archicad as a student. I received a link via email to download Archicad 25. However, when I downloaded it and pressed finish nothing happened. I cannot open the program. I have already downloaded it again several times and now...