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The Naked Truth

I have been using dual 19" monitors for about a year now. Yesterday, the newest blew a gasket and started shape shifting on me. So I put it out of service and began to work on the one screen. OMG! I couldn't do it! I was distracted by the moving of o...

gpowless by Enthusiast
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Zone favorites bug

I have created several zone favorites. When I access the favorites through the zone settings dialogue, only the zone category is saved. The zone name and number revert to the default assignments "Name" and "Number". The zone stamp parameters also rev...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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WIBU key causing new G5 Dual processor to lock up

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I wanted to incorporate as much of the relevant history to aid in the understanding of the problem. I have a customer who has been having a hard time getting his new G5 to be stable with AC8.1. ...

Demo Version Available?

Hiya all, I'm new here so please excuse any COMPLETELY stupid questions. Is there a demo version of ArchiCAD 8.1 available for download? Many thanks.... -JT

Compaq iPAQ VR Viewing

I have a client that has a Compaq iPAQ, and they would like to view 3D models on it. At the moment they have Windows Media player on it. On my desktop with Windows Media Player I can view Quicktime Animations, but not VR's or VRO's. I assume one coul...

Archicad 7-8.1/ MAc os X 10.3 bug.

When you have a dialog box open in archicad and you use command tab or expose to switch to another app and switch back to Archicad. the dialog box is completely grayed out and useless. This has been repeatabel on multiple machines. Any Ideas?? Thanks...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Dimensioning problems

Hello all, I have an "interesting" problem with AC 6.5 running on Windows XP (HP Pavilion 511n computer). The text part of the dimensions as they appear on the drawings are sort of backwards. For example instead of reading 24'-6" in reads "6-'24. The...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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dvd backups

I backup on DVD's. I have a folder called 'Projects" on my C drive for all current projects, and each projects has sub-folders for drawings, graphics, plotmaker files, layouts, etc. Since most of my projects are saved as PLA files I get an additional...

KeesW by Advocate
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Is an interactive schedule bug corrected in the 8.1 ?

When the IS builds 3D view of objects, it incorrectly sets angle-parameters (instead of degrees, radians are passed to parameters). And the object has wrong model view. It is for 8.0R3RUS (6392). Anybody knows, is it corrected for 8.1 Oleg

Oleg by Expert
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