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Object assigned to Zone

I would like to know how to assign an object or an element a zone. I have overlapping zones in a single storey. If I place an element in a location where there is an overlapping zone, it will assign to one of the zone. If it's the wrong zone then I can't change it. It doesn't seem to matter what the elevation is of the object. For example, I have the object at +400. It has linked to the zone called Subfloor which is at -400 to 0, but I want it to be linked to the zone Entry which is from 0 to +3000. It should be because of it's elevation, but this is not the case
Is there any way to assign the object to a zone?
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I have this issue as well. Surprised no one ever answered it yet. Any ideas.


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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

This is a limitation in Archicad. It will look which Zone the Object is located to and that Zone's info with be returned in the "Related Zone" Schedule fields. However, if multiple Zones overlap, Archicad has no way of knowing which Zone you want to use so it is random which Zone's info will be used.

There is one specific case I can offer a solution to:

If you use Zones to model the gross area of a Story (and that causes overlapping Zones), I usually recommend that you should use Morphs to model those gross areas because the area of Morphs can be schedule by Story. This way, you will not have overlapping Zones and the issue is avoided. 

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