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Archicad 27 - Stairs missing from mod files with hidden design option set

Victor Baboi

As I’m trying to migrate to 27, I have a new issue with exporting stairs into mod files.


They are missing from the mod file if they are set on a design option that’s hidden at export time.
All other element types get exported, except for stairs. The issue appears in both publish and save as modes. The stairs get exported only if the design option is set to visible at export (either to a design option combination or just set to current using save as). Stairs from main model get exported, of course.

Filter elements is set to All elements in Save options.
See attached screenshot for reference. I tested it with a new file (Archicad 27 default template, not in teamwork).
Did anyone else encounter this?


Screenshot 2023-11-03 135053.png

Victor Baboi
AC 16-27 | WIN 11
James B

Thanks for the report, we have this in our system already, and discovered it also occurs in previous versions with Renovation - as Design Options use similar technology. We'll investigate it further.

James Badcock
Graphisoft Senior Product Manager

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