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Window top finishing in sections

It's really very disappointing to see the software evolve in such complex structural SAF features, and the developers are incapable of fixing a very, very, (VERY) old problem: A simple turn of the finishing, in the top of the windows. It's already ha...

Rotating of Column Segments

I saw this column design while perusing the web and thought ahh that would be cool to try and model in Archicad. Segment column, using the circular profile, tapered, then use the tilt option. The problem I have been stumped with is that in the photo ...

Screenshot 2023-06-01 155803.jpg Screenshot 2023-06-01 154923.jpg Screenshot 2023-06-01 160235.jpg

Move one segment of wall

HiI have drawn a wall with multiple segments. I mean a wall like polygon. Now I want to move only one segment like stretch. I cant select only one segment, it is selecting all segment. Also want to know how to move or stretch one point. For example I...

Geometry Fixer Macro

It would be helpful to have a macro that could "regularize" objects to a defined grid increment. No matter how judiciously a model is constructed, a mispositioned wall or other elements can create havoc in an otherwise orderly model. For instance, if...

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