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Are beams and walls not connected in the floor plan?


Are beams and walls not connected in the floor plan?
There were no problems with cross-sections.







AC27 on window 11

Not by their structure lines, they do recognize each other as the wall accessories recognize when a beam or slab intersects with them. And the obvious building material connection.


Is it because the size of the beam is higher than the height of the wall that does not seem to be combined with each other in the floor plan?
They are not joining each other in the floor plan.
SOE does not apply.

AC27 on window 11

If a beam is below the Floor Plan Cut Plane, you can turn the cover fill on, and it will interact with the wall based on building material strengths.

If it is above the FPCP, then all you will see is the axis and edge lines, and then it will not interact with the wall.


SEO never shows in floor plan.




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The result of my testing is that beams and walls do not join in plan view.
Combined in section view.

It seems that only display order is possible.

AC27 on window 11