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Resolved! Opening tool overhead floor plan display

Hi,we model our slabs as floors. When I place an opening with the opening tool, it displays correctly in the floor plan where the slab is placed.The problem is, the symbol is not visible in the floor below, unless the slab it cuts is also visible. Th...

Project location - where is it placed?

Im trying to wrap my head around the project location function, as I want to accuratley place my drawings into google earth. In Archicad you get the option to place the drawing to a specified real world coordinate. My problem is that I dont understan...

Wall reference line not working

I have a file where wall reference line is not working/making any difference for some reason. See pic below, the three inner walls are drawn along the guide line with different options chosen - outside face on top, inside face in the middle, and cent...

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 14.36.35.png
DangCad Contributor
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Resolved! can't add beam

hello,I am a newbie on using Archicad 25, I currently made a building structure. after I made the first two stories I change the elevation and height to the next floor, then i want to add beam on the third story and suddenly there's a bubble that sai...

ItsVee Participant
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Export only selection to SKP

Hello,I assume there is no option to export only selected elements to SKP file, so I have to export everything everytime, even if I only want to update a single little detail, and then remove 90% of my model in SketchUp, because I only want to paste ...

Mike96 Enthusiast
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Resolved! How do you set a keyboard shortcut for 'Reference Line Location' (changing it from the standard 'C')

I assigned 'C' to another function therefore removing it from being the preset shortcut to change the reference line location when drawing walls etc.. the problem is now I'm not able to assign another key in place of 'C'. Under 'Keyboard Shortcuts' i...

PHIL7 Contributor
  • 4 replies

Costum Cabinet Knob Detached

I am working with custom knobs in Archicad and the knob is detached from the cabinet door (floating).It is the right size and everything, I just can't seem to figure it out how to attach the knob to the cabinet door (I am using a Locker Key model as ...

Resolved! 3D items and their hotspot not aligining

Help, I am working on an Archicad file that was previously worked on by someone else, when I view items in 3d, the 3d object itself does not align with its hotspots. See attached. AC24 | Windows 10 Pro | Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 G...

Johnsly Contributor
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Grasshopper shell contour

Hi,In order to create a church dome, penetrated with windows, I created a revolved shell. From this shell, I must eliminate some zones. For doing this, I tried to implement in grasshopper the contour of for the shell.Has anyone idea how should I do t...