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Composite wall corner with monolithic wall is open


Hi everyone,


I am trying to model this corner of my project for school and can't figure out how to close the end of the composite wall on the corner like it is on the side of the window in my plan. No problem in 3d as I can override it with the surface of the adjoining wall. The inner skin of the composite is the same building material as the monolithic wall and that's I would like it to be. Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 15.39.52.png

 Thank you in advance for your recommendations.



Ricardo Lopez

Hi Christopher,


May be you could try adding multiple extra points to both walls until it matches what you are expecting.

(Ex. See attatched image)


Regards. -

2023-01-06 10_13_40-Untitled - Archicad 26.png
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Hi Ricardo,


I tried doing what you suggested and it works fine but looks wrong. Is there a way to make a skin of a composite join visually correct with another monolithic wall made with the same building material as the skin?


Thank you for your help



Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 17.23.58.pngScreenshot 2023-01-06 at 17.19.53.png

Normally, if the wall be hind the WC is an internal wall, it would be the same building material and strength as the internal leaf of the cavity wall - which seems to be what you have done.

This will result in what you have shown in your first image.


The cavity wall would normally continue past or wrap around the corner.

If not then the wall behind the WC is not an internal wall and should be made and should not be connecting with the internal leaf.

There would need to be some sort of moisture barrier.

I am sure we are not seeing the full picture of what is actually happening there.


If what you have shown is what you really want, then I would look at using a wall end object at the end of the cavity wall and wrap the external skin of the cavity back around the end to close the cavity.

That will be similar to your other screen shots but the internal skin and the wall behind the WC should still blend as in your first image.



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Marc H

.... Expanding on Barry's response, the question of your desired wall assembly components will affect your AC choices. One approach is to set up two almost identical exterior wall composites (e.g., with structure, WRB/AB, insulation, and cladding) which will meet at the building corners.  One composite will have an exterior cladding of a lower priority building material so as to 'break' at the corner.  Another approach is to put a Wall End on the dominant cladding wall/s, but it's a bit tedious and has limitations (e.g., number of skin wraps, getting it to line up, etc). 


As Barry also noted, rather than running the WC plumbing in the exterior wall wall framing cavity, you can include a furred wall inside (with the desired building material on it).


Hope the examples help.

Ext Wall Composites Varying Cladding Priority.pngExterior Wall Composites with Wall End on Dominant.png
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

Then there is always the solution where you model the corner where the two Walls meet using a Profile and place a Column using that Profile in that corner. When creating the Profile, you will be able to create the exact configuration of skins you want and the Column will cut itself nicely out the Walls.

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Thank you all for your contributions and different potential solutions for my issue.


The project I'm working on is a studio for school where we develop new typologies for housing in lower income neigbourhoods of hypertransforming cities in South Asia. These are proposals and therefore the placement of furniture and sanitary elements like toilets are purely indicative of a room that can be used as a bathroom.


I will model your proposals in the coming days and keep you updated on what works best for what I'm aiming to achieve.