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zero thickness membrane layer line in a composite element

Hello, the commonly met standard in my country is that membrane layers, like water insulation are drawn as dashed line over layer they're placed on in section or detail. The question is - is there a tool to do that with composites? What I've done is ...


Steps texture mapping

is there a way to adjust the texture origin for each step? each step should have 2 whole tiles and they should 2 different tiles on each step

JohnJay by Expert
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Archicad 25 USA Grasshopper hopper installation problem

Hello everyone, I try to install the grasshopper live connection for Archicad 25. I get a error saying another version of grasshopper is already installed. to continue you must first uninstall the other version. It is not installed and there no unins...

mhoude by Contributor
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Shutters with details

Hi all, trying to find answers on net and here on forum but so far with no luck.Doing some exteriors of houses mostly with shutters on windows and balcony doors.Will like to see more detailed shutters with hinges and hooks. Any of you have found best...

mikey by Participant
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Resolved! Roads by Railling tool - Profiler manager

Hi, rI did roads design trought railing manager and profile manager.Honestly I don't know any other better way to do it. I wonder if I can show it also in 2D, now I only see the railing line, but not what it looks like ( foot print/top view ).It's a ...

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Resolved! Walls got disconnected

Hi everyone, My project was all ok and then one moment all the walls got disconnected and it doesn't allow me to reconnect them again. I've been searching and trying to correct the project but I can't find the solution. Please help me, it is very imp...

Bril by Participant
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Kitchen cabinet modeling

good morning to everyone!I used the Archicad from v6.5 to v13.I'm back with the v25 and I was expecting more conveniences in terms of the set of cabinets and kitchen with more options in the parametric object. Unfortunately I see that I have to fix a...

Archicad Live Connection - “select one … in Archicad”

Hello I have the same problem that it is reported here "I would like to connect grasshopper and Archicad to finally use the advantages of both programmes. Unfortunately, after successful installation and successfully linking both documents, I’m not a...

Resolved! Windows Schedule adjustments

Hi guys, I haven't used to much the windows schedule so I'm a bit unfamiliar with it. Could you please let me know how I can remove elements that I don't want in the schedule.For example, I have a lot of wall niches of various sizes witch are still c...

Resolved! Wire / electric pole / rope

Hi any idea how to design el.Wire / rope ? I don't need anything complicated just "Curved" power lines I have idea just do line by Morph tool but I don't know how to curve it

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