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Object stretching, and changing pens

Chris Pooley

Hi All,


I have a SS Recess that I created, using slabs, beams and walls.


I am wondering if there is a way to lock separate elements from stretching in the wrong directions. So for this object, I want the length and height to be adjustable, but I dont want the wall parts to stretch in width, and  I dont want the slab parts to stretch when I change the height of the object.


The other thing that is tripping me up is the pens, when I change the pen colours, nothing changes in 2D view, only the edges in the 3D view.  I can overide the pens in the floor plan and section, but not in the custom settings area.


Thank you,


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Barry Kelly

If you have simply saved a selection of elements as an object, then it will all stretch proportionally.

You will need to script it in GDL if you want to control how it stretches.

Probably the same for the pens.

They may only be the pens you used for the elements in 3D.

Maybe one of those pens is a floor plan pen, I can't say without looking at the object.


You can override all of the floor plan pen colours (and line type) in the settings.







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Regarding the Pens, when you save out an object from the floorplan, it will create a setting for each pen included which can then be modified down the line. Due to this, when creating your object, it is best to use seperate pens for each element to allow for the most customisation. The same is with Building Materials and Surface Overrides.



Just remember to edit the names of the parameters for future identification, else who would know where "Building Material 3" was used...



Given you are using AC25, have you looked at creating your object using Param-O?




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this definitely requires a little gdl finesse. It is possible to save the parts you want to stretch separately from those you don't want to stretch, copy/paste them together... but you need to plug in some add and mul commands for the pasted parts to work with the main object/element.
otherwise, it may be a matter of learning some gdl and scripting it out from scratch. As a single 'select > save as > object/door/etc.' it's all going to resize proportionally to the A/B/ZZYZX parameters

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Chris Pooley

Hi All,


Thanks for the replies.


For now I will just keep making custom size recess until I have some time to learn gdl. 


I appreciate the advice. Thanks.

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It very easy to do this with Param-o.  See attached files.

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