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Selection Bug AC16

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Morning all,

I'm having a selection and subsequent editing problem in AC16, newest build.
If I have multiple objects that have an edge or reference line in the same vertical plane I can only edit the object that AC considers the most important, or on top. For instance, if have a slab, then a wall, then a roof - the slab edge, coincides with the wall reference line coincides with the roof edge above, archicad will only let me click to edit the edge of the roof, I can select the wall or slab, but I can not edit that edge, nothing happens if I click it while it is selected. Specifically, if I have to use tab to cycle to an underlying object, that object will not be editible where it's edge or reference line coincides with another element's.... this is a really hard scenario to explain, I'll attach an image hopefully to clear it up.

The point is, this is new behaviour in 16, I didn't encounter such a problem in 15 or earlier and wondered if anyone else has experienced it, or knows of a particular setting that I may have previously checked in 15 and not realised it is unchecked in 16 (though I did a check through the options)

*I now suspect it's a memory problem, I started a new project just for demonstration purposes in which I modelled the above scenario and, of course, everything worked fine so I've gone back to the original project that was displaying the bug for demonstration (which is by no means huge, but maybe my computer is not up to task for AC16...)*


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We aware of this bug and a fix is coming. I do not have an exact ETA but it should be within this or next month if all goes well with quality control.

Best regards,
Nicholas Cornia
Technical Support Team - GRAPHISOFT North America
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Ahh that's a good point. That will work on the instances where adjacent/overlapping elements are different atleast.

Oddly, I did a search for this topic before I posted and that thread didn't show up.

So no one in that previous thread stated that they'd already reported it. Is anyone aware of whether it's been reported yet?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Well, since Nicholas works at Graphisoft Technical Support, I am sure it has been reported.
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