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Silhouette and contour lines not showing in 3D


Hi all,


I've got this very simple Slab Element which, when viewed in 3D using the Technical Drawing options as set here:


Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 17.47.09.png

refuses to show any contour lines whatsoever. If I select it in 3D I can see it; but if it's not selected then not. Compare the two shots below:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 17.48.06.png

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 17.47.57.png

  The Building Material I have used for the Slab came from a Revit import. I suspected something may have been wrong with that BM, so I checked one-by-one all its parameters, against the material of other elements, but couldn't identify anything.


Oh, and that wall in the back? It's the same BM, and yet it shows normally.


I've pulled all my hair. Any pointers as to what I may be missing will be so welcome. Thanks!

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Hi @alexliz23 


**You may need to be closer to the project's origin point,


Screenshot 2024-05-27 204148.png

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Hi @Mahmoud Qenawi , thanks for your reply. Nope, the distance from XYZ-zero is just fine, once again, it's in millimetres (just like in the other thread, on the horizontally-created Curtain Wall element, if you recall) 😂

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Barry Kelly

Check to see if you have 2 (or more) slabs in exactly the same position.

They may trim each other away, so the edges disappear and all you sea are the surfaces?

Although I just tried and it didn't happen - but I am sure I have seen this before.


Also check if there may be something in a hidden layer that is trimming the lab away?



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Hi @Barry Kelly , thanks for pitching in. Nope, no duplicated Slab. If I go into the offending Slab and change its Building Material then it will be drawn correctly. If I then switch it back to the initial BM, it will lose all lines once again.


I suspected something awry with the BM itself; but then again, the Library Object which is the wall at the back (brought over from the Revit file) as well as the Morph which is the pillar lying on its side, they both display correctly when assigned to that BM.


It's only the two thin Slabs which lose all lines in 3D when linked to that particular material. The one that is drawn correctly in the screenshots I posted previously is linked to a different BM, to demonstrate the issue.



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Yes, I remember that case.

But how you bring this Revit element into Archicad?

Via hotlinking Revit file? Or Importing RFA as GDL object?

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Hotlink, selecting the .rvt file.

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If there are no duplicate slabs definitely its interacting with something. Maybe you can try to the layers and change the channel of the specific slab see if that will help.

In the end what is your Objective?
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Hi @ryejuan , thanks for the post. No, sorry, it isn't a duplicate slab. It isn't a layer issue (I have checked already, and switched everything to check).


I have placed these elements in a new file, with a single layer. Issue still there. Very odd. I have attached a video - anyone feel free to watch and theorise, no matter what I do, all slabs get affected by this material, 'BAD': when it's applied to them, they lose all lines in 3D view. I give up.


File contains only the Archicad Layer; 3 Building Materials, 2 Surfaces, few default Fills, Solid Line Type only.

Literally stripped down to bare minimum.

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Hey @alexliz23,


I think it's a texture issue, see this link below,


Archicad 27 Help (


compare these 3 shots from your video, they're for the 3 BMs, why the first one has no boundary box for the texture while the others have??






AC 27 INT 5030/WIN 11
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB