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Resolved! Label Favorites not transferable to new version

I upgraded my template from 25 to 26 and now just noticed my labels has all been switched to default of text/autotext - zone name. For some reason I'm not able to import my label favorites from 25 to 26. It says not compatible since I was pulling it ...

sknsnw9 by Booster
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Community feedback: Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings in Archicad

Hi all,one of our designers is taking a closer look at... Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings! It’s a complex but important dialog, and we'd love to know: what do you think? Let us know! Just five quick questions will do it... Thanks! At first glance, whic...


Gap between roof and wall

Archicad Users please help... I had just traced the walls to create the roof but in 3D it shows a gap between the roof and wall... The walls are all to accurate height... How do I connect them? 


Deafult placement of reference when tracing?

Maybe i should know this... I have a section through the house. I dragged a copy of the section to the outside and trace the first section and the reference show us on the side... What if I'd like them to appear on the same place... a straight forwar...


Object with IES Light

Hi , newbie here.. Does anyone knows how to create a light bulb object with built-in IES on it and can be loaded into projects through libraries.. Normally we could insert objects and lamp separately, But is it possible to create a new object along w...

Mesh edges not following contour lines

Hey everyone, I am fairly new to using Archicad, and am having an issue with a mesh a made. I created a mesh using a bounding rectangle from the line tool, and carved the contours by a combination of the magic wand function of the mesh tool and traci...

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