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Some walls showing on roof plan others not


So I have a strange one here.

I work in a modular home factory and we typically show our walls with a light grey lineweight on the roof truss layout for the reference of the guys in the shop.  I am working on a new truss layout and only some of the interior walls are showing up.  The settings for the walls that are showing are the exact same as the ones that are showing (first image) but they are not showing up.


The images below show first, the plan with the ground floor trace referenced and second without the trace reference so you can see how many walls are not showing up.  Again the settings in the walls right down to the composite used, wall height and floor plan and section are exactly the same but some show up and others don't. Any ideas?







Operating system used: Windows 10

Brad Allen
Ironwood Manufactured Homes Inc.
Archicad 26
Windows 10

Any chance the missing walls are on a layer that isn't turned on for the layer combination used for the view setting? Without knowing anymore than what you told me, it looks like the missing walls all have the same interior hatch (grey) whereas all the walls that do show up have a white hatch. Any chance that is related to a renovation filter that might not be showing walls of a particular renovation status?

Andrew Arkell

AC 18-27 USA 4060
HP Z6 G4 Workstation | Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6226R CPU @ 2.90GHz | Windows 10

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