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Terrain / Mesh - Contours with same X,Y but different Z



After personal research without finding a good enough solution I come here asking:

How to model a terrain that has some contours overlapping (meaning they have same x,y but different z = the terrain has a vertical cut)??

Example diagram here:


...If this is modeled the "correct way" = creating mesh > creating the contours on the mesh > elevating each contour to the correct Z, then the outcome will be this one:



The problem is that the points that belong to the both contours cannot be the one above the other, they are merged...

And the solution cannot be to "cheat" the modeling by moving the one contour 1mm so they are not overlapping. Nor can be to create morph to adjust it manually.

And this beacause the terrain-modeling is the beggining of the design and really should be an automated process like in other programs - you import the contours in 2D and in correct elevation and the mesh is automatically generated. You cannot just scan each milimeter of your generated mesh if there are parts that overlap and be unsure if the quality of the mesh is not correct in 3D or in the sections.
How people deal with this? Am I the only one that uses archicad in projects that are not just 1 plane mesh with maybe 3-4 contours..

Any ideas are welcome.

Thank you in advance.



Hello David. Thank you for the video. That was good one! It worked for me as well in a small area that I tested it. Tried to test it in the actual bigger site and in order to make it work I need to move the contours so they are not above each other there before making the terrain with a mesh (and after transforming to morph like you showd in the video). 

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