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Adding revisions to layout


I'm trying to understand Archicad's revision number & descriptions.


ie. Simply how to add a revision number, description and date to a sheet.


Up to now we have manually used text to write it on the layout, but this is obviously not a sustainable method....

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Josh Verran

Hi Johann


I did quite a bit of searching on the workflow for how the revisions are supposed to work.
In a nutshell my understanding is this:

You create an Issue, you assign which layouts are part of that issue, you then assign a change to the relevant layouts.
This process causes the layouts to revise.

Showing that revision on a layouts best done using an autotext label on the master.


I've made some of those words bold as if you search them I think it will make a bit more sense.

Sorry it's more of an "idea how it works" than a "how to".


I think the autotext fields you require will be the "Issue Date" and the "Current Revision ID".


These are some links I used.

Tracking Changes on Layouts


Revision Management Intro


First Issue

Revision Management (Creating Issue History and Transmittal Records)

Adding items to the revision

Altering the Change Scheme

Showing changes on layouts

Revision Table Object

Revision marker type


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I'm not a big fan of the revisjon tool. The issue tool is nice, but the way it works with revisjons does not work well with the way we work. Therefor we have made a little workaround:


We have custom parameters for the layout book containing revisjon index, signatures, dates etc... Then there are custom text bokses on the masters that call up those parameters. So you can right click on a layout. Set the revisjon index, signatures and everything there. Then it all will be nice and propper filled out on the layout. You can even use the same parameters in the publisher to name the files with revisjon index if you wish.


I wish I would prefer to use the revisjon tool, but as of today, this workaround is better for us and gives ut better control.

Martin Isak Jansen
(I'm the one everyone at my company asks the tech questions)