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Layer combinations stuck on "Custom" - Bug?

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Is this a confirmed bug? I have experienced this on a few machines at my office where a saved view shows up with a "Custom" layer combination. Even after I manually right click the View, set the layer combination in the View Settings to a saved layer combination, then double click into the view, it still shows as "Custom". This is happening across all Views.

Goes away after a restart of ARCHICAD.

Do you go to another view first, then come back to the problem view?
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Yes - it affects all views.
Barry Kelly
So you change the view settings to a layer combination then press OK and not CANCEL (I have done that a few times!).
Then open the view settings again straight away - is it still showing the layer combination or is it back to 'custom'?

Is the view part of a clone folder by any chance?
It shouldn't make a difference as even cloned views can have individual settings.
Just curious about this.

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I'm pretty sure I clicked OK, and it still says Custom.
No - not part of a Clone.
It was happening to ALL my views (over 30) which is why it led me to believe it may have been a bug. Plus it has happened to a few of my colleagues as well on their machines.
A close and re-open of AC cures it. But if it happens again I will investigate a bit more.
Marc H
I just experienced the same issue. Checked my View Settings, tried several views, but my LC kept resetting back to 'Custom' no matter what I tried. Looked up the issue and found this post. So, after a few checks, re-started AC21 (which I just updated last week so I expect it has all bug-fixes). On re-start the 'Custom' appeared momentarily, then reset back to the correct LC.
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I've been having the same problem! Any solution??
Daniel Kovacs
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Graphisoft Alumni
Hey guys,

This is a known issue we are currently working on fixing. The problem comes down to adding new Layers.
When new layers are created (either by you or by an XREF import or something else), they might still not have a state saved for existing Layer Combinations. As a result, when ARCHICAD checks which combination is active, it sees that the settings are not a 100% match, and considers the current state to be "custom".

We are working on a fix that (if everything goes well) goes out in a later update of ARCHICAD 21 (70xx), and AC22 Beta 4. Until then, you should be able to fix this, by applying the "faulty" layer combination in the Layer settings dialog, changing the visibility of any layer on and off, and then pressing the "Update" button. This should update the Layer Combination with a proper setting for each Layer, so the problem should be gone.

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That tip to update the combination worked just fine. For now that's more than enough. Thank you


we are having the same problem with ArchiCAD 26 INT 4019 Win64 Full


project file AC 25 updated to AC 26. 

and even AC26 blank file (ArchiCAD template) same problem when importing layer combination. 

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