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About Apache Log4j vulnerability

Dear All, Last week, a critical security vulnerability in Java logging library Log4j has been found. The vulnerability allows attackers to perform remote code execution, which means they can run any code and access all data on the affected machine. I...

Catastrophic Window Ug

So I've got many windows that use the CUSTOM MULLION sash arrangement... I edit them in 3d.... Then, when I go back and edit anything else (like U Factor, for example)... the mullions change (back to original, I guess.) ugh.. this can't be the intend...

Re-download ArchiCad v7?

My original copy of ArchiCad v7 bought years ago has become corrupted on my hard drive somehow and I cannot find the original disk. I have a 32-bit operating system. Is it possible to download another copy of ArchiCad v7 to my hard drive so I can com...

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Invalid Elements when Sharing

Hi! We have reached the end of a stage in a project and I would like to do a bit of housekeeping with the model that's been worked on. My plan was to save the shared model first as an archive, then as a solo project on my desktop with the hope that I...

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Save as to archicad18 or start new archicad 18

I have projects created in archicad 10 which were saved as for each new upgrade through archicad 17. Should I start with a new copy of archicad 18 and use attribute manager to move relevant details and standards or save as and just delete the older s...

Archicad Licence was not found

If anybody could help me, it would be greatly appricated. I have been trying for two evenings without luck to get Archicad 17 to work on my home computer as well as my work mac to get some work done at home. I have come to the conclusion that codemet...

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  • 2 replies

Morph vanishes in 3d edit

Hi. I'm trying to get my head round using the morph tool but for some reason when I try to use the tube or some other tools in 3d the morph disappears. It seems to work fine with the internal rendering engine but not openGL. I've used it to model gut...

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dongle hierachy

howdy we have the following situation - 5 people are using archiCAD v16 connected to a network key - 1 person using v11 with a local usb dongle problem is… the user using v11 often takes a network key when Ist launching archiCAD… which obviously mean...

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