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BIM server issues

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a couple of issues we are encountering (BIM / archiCAD v16 on osX)

01: 2 users are currently logged in to a BIM file... when sending messages back and forth.. user A tends to get the messages immediately... user B tends to get them with a delay... sometimes not untilt they log out and back in to the file

02: have had a couple of instances where user A will try and reserve an area of the plan... a popup message says: " there is a conflict"... so the user says "show conflicts" and the file crashes

any help on the above would be greatly appreciated


prior to the crash in 02 above.. the user did some work.. is there a local copy of the file that they can open to get the work done on the file prior to the crash

backing up
what are the best practices for backing up and restoring the BIM server and associated files / settings etc

one option is to run either chronoSync or CCC and clone the whole drive to another disk... or.. be a little more selective and just backup those files that have changed

if the latter... which files / folders should i be including


are either of these approaches the best / safest / fastest method



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