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BIM server on Linux - towards a solution ?

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Hi !

There's plenty of us wanting to install our BIM server on a Linux machine. It's an obvious need, since most of the servers run Linux, and having to install/maintain another server just for BIM does make no sense for a company.

@Graphisoft : it seems you don't plan to deploy BIM Server on Linux. But there's an alternative and simpler solution : support it through Wine.

Unfortunately, it does not work with the current version. But you could consider hiring someone from the Wine Project to make it work.

Since BIM Server is not a complex program with a lot of fancy and modern features, it should be possible with a very reasonable budget, far from developing a full Linux release.

Thanks for considering this option !

Best regards,


Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
I'd trust a BIM server in a windows VM far more than I'd trust it running in Wine.
Josh Osborne - Central Innovation

HP Zbook Studio G4 - Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 7820HQ, 32Gb RAM, Quadro M1200

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