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Client not compatible with Bimcloud Server

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We are currently migrating the office from Vectorworks to Archicad and trying to setup a dedicated BIM Server but I've been getting the following error whenever we try to share a project to the projects folder. "You client is not compatible with the BIMcloud Server. BIMcloud Server version: Client versions: Per Graphisoft support site, I have downloaded the ArchiCAD-18-Update-6000.dmg file and run it on both the clients and the server but I am still getting the error. When looking at the BIM Server Manager, The BIM Server Manager version is but the v18-Module is When I look for BIMCloud updates, the only version available is 5100 which is already been installed and there doesn't look to be a 6000 update for BIMcloud. Does this mean that clients running version cannot connect to the BIM Server for teamwork projects?

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.33.46 PM.png
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I just checked the download page for the build 6000 update:

It says:
Important Note for Teamwork Users
  • * Please DO NOT install this Update to client ARCHICAD applications which connect to BIMcloud.
    * Working in Teamwork requires that client ARCHICADs and the BIM Server all have the identical version and build number. Please make sure that you update BIM Server along with the ARCHICAD client applications used in Teamwork.
So this tells me you should be using build 5100.
Uninstall build 6000, reinstall build 3006, then update all to build 5100:
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