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AI Visualizer


Way to go Graphisoft. Given all the current software problems and now failures to launch, it is reassuring to know that AC is getting yet another feature that serves a minority while the very long Wishlist of essential improvements remains neglected. What is even more irritating is to know "Archicad AI Visualizer is already integrated into Archicad, so you don’t need to purchase any third-party solutions".**


Given the apparent failure of Physical Based Rendering for the 3D window I'm not holding my breath on this feature achieving critical mass any time soon.


Thanks for the support GS, good to know you are delivering what your customers need - NOT!



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Just add:

-a dedicated and renewed detail tool environment (possibly pairing it with the complex profile environment)

-easier, more automation in layout setup

-better handling of cloned folders (like hiding unused views)

-visual cues for navigating project folders (like colors)

-better terrain tool

-true stretch functinality, like stretch everything in sight like in cad but in 3d, no question asked, with optional multilevel functionality

-in-place reference editing (with optional color code overrides)

-better handling of split levels

-some minor tweaks here and there

-smarter conections, editing and drafting on MEP elements


and it's pretty mucho my list of improvements that would make archicad near perfect, at least for us.


It also seems reluctant to draw people. Maybe this is a deliberate restriction to avoid misuse, but when you're trying to illustrate a busy pedestrian plaza, not so good...

No people.png

i can't even download it...

tried several times now & it just times out

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I was able to download it, but I'm sorry I did. My Terminal install experience varied from the example responses at every turn - and it failed the last step completely. I saw some users (Shoegnome) experimenting with it, and was eager to try on my own. Bummer.



Ai visualizer works fine in windows, but graphisoft's approach is absolutely wrong and very basic. The tool needs at least a button to send results to sdwebui. And this is minimal requirement. We need gdl scripting. Python add on scripting gpt functionalities and this means training models. Gorilla gpt and gorilla ai offer llm for programming apis graphisoft's should provide them with their api. This is the direction graphisoft's should take. Graphisoft's through python should create an llm that creates room templates by verbal description this would be archicad ai.

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