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BIMx Frequently Asked Questions

Marton Kiss

Why BIMx?

From the architect’s desk to onsite coordination, take your design with you wherever you go! Here are just a few examples of how BIMx can support your everyday BIM communication workflow.
  • Access everywhere
  • Synced Updates
  • Smart measure
  • Team Collaboration
Through the below topics, we tried covering all the most common questions the use of BIMx can raise. If you cannot find the answer to your question please email the BIMx support team at (from your BIMx mobile app, simply press the 3-dots menu and the "Feedback" option). Browse to our BIMx site to learn more, and follow the BIMx updates in the BIMx News article.
BIMx Mobile AppsBIMx Model Transfer SiteBIMx Desktop ViewerGeneral questions
What benefits are delivered by the updated BIMx Android app? As of July, the renewed BIMx Android application brings the following enhancements:
  • The Android app has been rebuilt from the ground, based on a new 3D Engine
  • Hyper-models with unlimited 3D model size, thanks to advanced data streaming technology
  • A new, real-time rendering method (called Ambient Occlusion) replaces precalculated Global Illumination
  • Faster startup opens the model in no time
  • Smart Measure and Gallery-based Presentation mode became free
  • Redesigned menu structure, so you find all settings in one place
  • The subscription plan enables us to continue working on some great new features and BIMx app updates will be released regularly.
Will the previous Android app version go away? No, the old Android application is available in Google Play as BIMx Legacy. Will my device receive the update of BIMx Android app? The renewed Android application can be installed from Google Play on devices running Android 10 or Android 11. How can I use my existing PRO license after installing the BIMx Android app update? If a previously purchased PRO license belongs to your Google Account, the new PRO function pack will be available for you as a free subscription for a complete year instead of the 2-week trial period. This special offer can be found in the application's BIMx Store. Is it possible to get the paid features in BIMx app with just a one time payment? One time payment is not possible anymore but the renewed BIMx mobile app offers additional features for free and even more features are available with subscription. Moreover, we offer two weeks free trial period, perfect for trying out the features before you decide on the subscription. Can I have two separate BIMx mobile apps installed at the same time? Yes, you can have multiple BIMx applications installed both on Android and iOS. We recommend using only one application on a mobile device. Can I transfer my Hyper-models between mobile apps on Android? Yes, you can transfer Hyper-models with the help of a computer. See the description in this article. I have BIMcloud subscription license, do I need another subscription to use BIMx mobile app? No, your BIMcloud User License enables PRO functions for the Hyper-model. Just log in to the Teamwork project from your Hyper-model on your mobile device. Check our article about BIMx License Types. What are the differences between the iOS and the Android versions of BIMx?
  • Both applications are being developed continuously. New features are generally available in the iOS app first and appear in the Android application a few months later. As of this July, the Android application has all the features already available in the iOS app.
  • Navigation works the same way on both platforms with the 3D model.
  • There are slight OS specific differences in the user interface, location of the settings, and in the file management.
How can I acquire the PRO features? Open BIMx app. While you are in the model browser (home screen), tap more options ("..." in the upper-right corner) and select BIMx Store. You can choose a Subscription plan that best suits your workflow in order to acquire PRO features. You can also acquire PRO functions for a Hyper-model by joining to BIMcloud from the mobile app. What are the recommended mobile devices to run BIMx? See BIMx's System Requirements. Read more on how to optimise BIMx files.
What is the BIMx Model Transfer Service? The BIMx Model Transfer Service is a “cloud-service” to share BIMx models with Colleagues and Customers. Models on the BIMx Model Transfer Site are publicly available, but Offices with an active Software Services Agreement are entitled to an additional 5 GB of private storage as well. Please consult the Terms of Use to get full details on content storage. I can only publish models to my public folder, how can I publish privately? Users with Education, Trial and Commercial (without Software Services Agreement) can only upload their models to a public folder on the BIMx Model Transfer site (with a storage limit of 5GB). In order to be able to publish BIMx hyper-model privately, an active Software Services Agreement (SSA) contract is needed, it gives access to a 5GB private storage. Please consult the Terms of Use to get full details on content storage. How can I register my company on the BIMx Model Transfer site? When you upload a BIMx model to GRAPHISOFT's cloud service for the first time with your protection key, you will be requested to create a so-called BIMx Company Account where you can store your uploaded models. Follow the steps of the registration process here. Also, your Company gets automatically registered once you change over to software license keys. Who can access BIMx models on the BIMx Model Transfer Site? The BIMx Model Transfer Site is accessible in any of the following ways:
  • Through direct page URL:
  • Through direct links to uploaded BIMx models’ download page
  • Through built-in links from mobile devices (iPad/iPhone)
Users can search/browse and download Public BIMx models from the site without registration or log-in. Who can upload BIMx models onto the BIMx Model Transfer Site? BIMx models can be uploaded from Archicad (BIMx Hyper-model). The first time BIMx users want to publish their models to the Transfer Site they will be required to register. Consult this article to read more about setting up the upload environment. Login to the BIMx Model Transfer Site is only required to manage one’s uploaded models (edit model details/move or delete models etc.). What are the different ways for people to register to the BIMx Model Transfer Site? With Registering a Graphisoft ID you get access to all of our cloud services: If you have already registered to any of the above sites you can use the same account to upload BIMx models and log in to the BIMx Model Transfer Site. What is the difference between My models and My Company tabs in the BIMx profile? Once signing in to your BIMx profile you can see the My models and My Company tab pages on the top dividing your uploaded BIMx models into two sections:
  • The My models tab contains all models you have uploaded from a Trial or Educational version of Archicad
  • The My Company tab contains all models you have uploaded using your Company license key
What are the different visibility types for my models?
  • Public
    • Accessible by anyone visiting the BIMx model transfer site
  • Private
    • Accessible only by user having the URL to access the model download page
  • Private (password protected)
    • Accessible only by user having the URL to access the model download page, and
    • Downloadable only by user having received the password from the model owner
Where can I download the Desktop version of BIMx? BIMx Desktop Viewer is available for Windows and macOS platforms from here. How to upgrade to the latest BIMx Desktop Viewer version? Use the Check for Updates function in the application via BIMx menu, or in the left-bottom corner of the home screen. The latest version is also available to download from here. What are the system requirements for BIMx Desktop version?  For detailed description, see System Requirements for BIMx. Where can I find the installed desktop application(s)? Default BIMx Desktop Viewer folders:
  • Mac: /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/BIMx Desktop Viewer
  • Windows: C:Program FilesGRAPHISOFTBIMx Desktop Viewer
Can I use SpaceMouse from 3D Connexion with BIMx? Yes, similarly to the browser application, BIMx Desktop Viewer also supports game controllers and SpaceMouse. See the description in this article.
I have my BIM project created in Archicad, how can I export it for BIMx? If you use Archicad 20-25, do the following:
  • File / Publish BIMx Hyper-model, or
  • Navigator / Publish
Find detailed description here. If you use Archicad 17-19, you have two options:
  • Save a regular BIMx 3D model from ‘File/Save as…/BIMx’
  • Publish a BIMx Hyper-model for your mobile device with the BIMx PRO functionality
If you have Archicad 16 or older you can export the model with the 'File/Export for BIMx...' option. What is the difference between a legacy BIMx 3D model and a Hyper-model? In Archicad 19 and earlier versions of Archicad:
  • 3D Window > File – Save as menu command saves a 3D only BIMx model. This is a legacy format, not supported by Archicad 20.
  •  File -  Publish BIMx Hyper Model command publishes a hyper-model. (This opens the Wizard that helps you through the publishing process. It has almost the same functionality as the Publisher, but a few options are only available in the Publisher. But it is good to start with the Wizard.).
  •  From Publisher you can publish a Hyper-model.
From Archicad 20:
  • There is no Save as command
  •  File -  Publish BIMx Hyper Model command publishes a Hyper-model
  •  From Publisher you can publish a Hyper-model.
How can I send BIMx models to my clients? You can use Graphisoft's BIMx Model Transfer service free of charge to share your model with others.
You can also publish your model locally, before uploading it on a cloud platform. Alternative options to transfer your BIMx models to Android and iOS devices can be found here:

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