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Drawing Source Path - Visual Representation Tool on Sheets

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We use linked drawing views on our sheets linking from a range of master .pln files depending on what house type we are using on that site.

Whilst this method offers great gains in working efficiency, if not checked correctly can lead to incorrect floor plans vs elevations etc. if the links are not updated correctly to the suitable house type on each sheet.

Currently the solution for a checking process on this is to open the drawing manager and sort by "Placed To" then scroll through the sheets making sure the Paths are all linking back to the correct house type .pln files.

It would be really helpful if instead there were some kind of tool, add - on or toggle-able button such as the "Trace" feature that allowed the user to be on a layout or sheet and visually represent the source path over top of the linked views or drawings for checking.

Rough Example Attached for clarity.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Kovacs

There's no such an option currently in ARCHICAD to display the file path as a trace over your drawings, but there is kind of a way to achieve this.

If you make your own GDL drawing title, it can be achieved relatively easily: You have to display the file path as a 2D text. You can find an example gsm here, that does this! With some minor tweaking you can actually place the text in the middle of the drawing with bigger/brighter fonts.

I hope you will be able to use this to help you! (maybe find a GDL programmer who can help you out)

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Might it be possible to include the text as "non-print" or on a separate layer to the rest of the title marker? I do not recall any options that can do this, but maybe they are somewhere...

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