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Ribbon User Interface

Hi Guy,
I see some softwares same as Revit, Tekla, Bentley now change to Ribbon Interface.
I hope Archicad will improve UI to Ribbon to ease and moderm to working

Eduardo Rolon
Completely disagree.
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Who first introduced Ribbon interface? I think principle was initially designed by Apple and modified by Microsoft is their office about 10 years ago.
It's very handy interface, if it's done clever. Especially it works well for touchscreens. ArchiCAD is a little bit behind - and super comfortable for touchscreen with pen. They could introduce several modes of interface (as Blender does) where user can choose an interface he likes.
Another lack of good object oriented programming.

Personally i hate Ribbon with a passion. The only place i have seen it work nicely is, ironically, in Revit.

I'm working now only with touchscreen and pen. I think Ribbon interface would give some additional speed on tablet, because keyboard shortcuts is not a good solution anymore for tablet. For shortcuts I need to open virtual keyboard and it's not as quick as on real keyboard.

jl_lt wrote:
Personally i hate Ribbon with a passion. The only place i have seen it work nicely is, ironically, in Revit.
Nah, even there it's not good.
Tbh in the office products it actually fits, but jeez, the ribbon is mostly a bad thing.
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yes. nicely compared to other Ribbons i need to add, but still not convenient enough

Whatever it is ribbon or not ribbon - better interface required to support touchscreen and pen.

what advantages does touch screen and pen have over mouse? to show the model to clients sounds great. to do heavy work sounds quite unconfortable

Because mouse use is developing 'tunnel syndrome' in your arm. Mouse is not good exercise for your muscles.
Pen also more natural way to enter information (if you not prefer to be cyborg).
Actually mouse was created by Xerox designers - directors didn't like it, so the concept was presented to Steve Jobs from Apple. Since there many things have changed in technology. First I discovered that working with touchpad is more comfortable for me. But with the pen - I don't want to use anything else.
Maybe because I was trained since 6 years old in art schools to be professional artist, but when I hold the pen - I feel in more control of what I'm doing.

ok, to each their own i guess. i still start all my projects with hand drawings, but once in the computer the mouse and keyboard seem much more accurate to me and my hand movements are kept to a minimum, putting less strain on my shoulders and stuff. with the pen youll definetely move your hands more if we are talking about ergonómics. but im still intrigued, ill try the pen at the first chance though

I never tried MS Surface Studio - but all reviews I've seen - all people are saying - this is just fantastic. Especially artists and designers - they just want it (even when processor there is old - Intel i7 4 cores). Interesting to see and try ArchiCAD on Surface Studio.

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