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Teamwork - Queue commands

Paul King

It would really help if it was possible to queue up teamwork commands, such that once conditions that were preventing a teamwork operation resolve, a queued command such as send and receive, or release all, automatically occur straight away.


Right now, somebody else in my current project reportedly has left 'data managed by an addon' reserved, and has gone home for the night.  This blocks anyone else from sending and receiving before going home or signing off for the night themselves - unless the first person is kicked out of the project - with a good chance of data loss, given that they obviously neglected to send and release all (or this failed for some reason - I am noticing 'release all' sometimes does not release all - it can take a couple of tries.  Possibly a user hits 'release all' and hurries away from their desk to beat traffic, the very large project and slow network combine to cause a time out, or there is simply too long a delay before the PC goes to sleep, or similar.


Right now I have elements and layers reserved myself, and because I can't release them while 'data managed by an addon' is still reserved by someone else, anyone needing my elements will be out of luck until the first person releases, then I am back on deck tomorrow and can release.  Tough luck for everyone else that I won't be available until mid day!  And tough luck for me if I am kicked out in the mean time, because then I lose data.


Other situations include log jams with BIM server, internet outages, Archicad tied up in generating a complex view with user who doesn't want to wait around before sending and receiving.


A refinement would be to permit only commands that don't adversely affect access for other users to be queued - so you can queue a release of items or a send and receive, but not a reservation command. (for obvious reasons).


Another refinement might be that an automatic release all occurs after a preset time when there evidence that the user is no longer interacting with Archicad (no activity for last 30 minutes, say) - a warning dialog could pop up on user's screen when auto release is imminent, allowing them to click to retain current reservations 


Even better would be automated reservation and release  - simply selecting an item that is not reserved and attempting to change it should automatically reserve it, if it is free, otherwise providing the normal reservation request options if not free.  Not using an item for a defined period could also release it the same way by default.  An override for this behaviour should still be available, for those situations where a large and wide ranging process is underway, and where delays with auto reserving and releasing processes would quickly mount up and slow things down too much.


But in a nutshell, at the very least, queued teamwork actions should be made possible 



ArchiCAD 8-26
Octane Render Plugin for ArchiCAD
Twinmotion 2022
Windoze 11
Intel Core i9 10900K
Nvidia Gforce RTX 3080
32 Gb DDR3
2x4K 42" monitor extended desktop

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