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3D settings/visualization of zones in BIMx




Zones are great for creating quick volume and for getting a lot of information; however, my team is feeling that zones in BIMx are not intuitive enough, and we are finding the following issues:


1. We assume that when we share the link of the BIMx model with our clients, they do not know how to use the BIMx navigator; hence they are not aware that they have to turn on the zones to be able to see them.


2. There is not possible to change the visualisation of zones from this transparent to a solid display. If we want to show volumes when volumetry gets more complex, having a transparent display with many stacked zones is not feasible, and we have to make turnarounds like the one suggested in this post of turning zones into morphs or use other elements as slabs to make quick changes to the volumes in floor plan and retrieve area information for the schedules and tags.


At the same time, we solve the visualisation of the zones when you start the viewer without further instructions. The problem with this whole workaround is that we lose the parametric options of the zones inherent to it, and our slabs zones interfere with the other elements as we develop the project.


Slab zones in Archicad:




Slab sones in BIMx:



So our question is, could the display options for zones be improved in future releases?



AC 26 INT & POR 4019
Windows 11

Norbert Kucsma



Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it!


I see your point and there is still room for improvement regarding the zones in BIMx.

Your request has been added to our Wish List database (please refer to it as IDEA-12321). Our Product Management team will consider your suggestions in future developments.


I wish you a great day!


Best regards,

Norbert Kucsma
Technical Support Engineer

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