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A more efficient Find & Select

The Find and Select functionality is very useful as it is but I think that there are a few improvements that can be made regarding efficiency.


Saved Selections

Currently, accessing saved criteria sets is inefficient - open dropdown, select criteria set and then press select. Instead I would like to have a side panel with a list of all sets so that all that is required is to double click on a set to make the selection. This would basically be a integration of the Selection palette into Find & Select. If Selections current functionality needs to be preserved the new panel could have two tabs - dynamic selections and static selections.


Quick Select

Another improvement would be the ability to make a selection based on a criteria set populated with values from a specific element without opening the Find & Select dialog. So perhaps something similar to pickup/inject and element transfer settings. By clicking on an element one could access the list of criteria sets and choosing one will make a selection based on the chosen criteria set populated with values from the element.


You know I like all you wish for better Archicad that’s first, then I see quick select can be achieved already by opening F&S also Selection palettes at the same time and you can choose which criteria you like to get from the element when you pickup then save that as a selection set and can be activated directly with double click.

Only I can’t understand what do you mean with static & Dynamic selections, I appreciate if you explain it something deeper.

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Yes, there are some kinks to straighten out to get it all fitting together.


So basically I want to integrate the Selections palette as a side pane of Find & Select. The main benefit from this would be better overview of saved criteria sets and quicker access to them and their selections than what we currently have through the dropdown in Find & Select. Consolidation of selection functionalities is side benefit.


But the functionality of Selections is different from that of Find & Select and in order to preserve that functionality there has to be a distinction between dynamic selections generated by a saved criteria set and static selections generated by storing an active selection. As such dynamic selections may change depending on model's content whereas static selections will be the same regardless of the model's content.

To clarify regarding the quick select. By clicking on an element (with some modifier) I would like to have an interface as we have for element transfer but with access to saved criteria sets. The selection would then be made as when using the pick up in Find & Search.




You mean as I select the element by a criteria set I can do the opposite to find the criteria set by selecting the element that’s a great option, even the idea of combining F&S and selection palette but how??

Activating a dynamic criteria set by clicking an element and after redefining the criteria we update the static selection set, only I scare when combining the two functionalities we can’t reach the selection set as fast as now and we have to get it through some more clicks.


AC 27 INT 5030/WIN 11
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

No, what I mean is the ability to quickly access the current pickup setting function of F&S. Instead of 1. opening F&S, 2. choose a criteria set in the drop-down, 3. alt-click the element, 4. click select/deselect we would be able to in model space click on a element and choose a criteria set to make the selection.


Regarding the integration of Selections palette and F&S. Yes, if you usually work with the palette open then there might be an issues as you would have to open F&S to get the list of static selections. The solution to this is obvious, keep the palette but have it show both dynamic and static selections - it might even end up earning it's screen space.