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AI for MEP in Archicad or DDS-CAD

Abraham Smith

I would like to see how it could be integrated, either in the form of an APP, some software that can be integrated (such as Grasshopper) or from the software itself. I would also like to leave something very interesting that has been developed in the office "Schnackel Engineers" since I find the way to speed up processes from the termination points of air, water, light, electricity, etc. fantastic. (MEP). I leave the link:


I don't know if the future is really AI, but at least if the resolution of MEP in a more efficient and automated way is interesting.


What is still a rework for them (Schnackel Engineers) is that the inputs are from Autocad and not from Revit, since in terms of structuring plans we know that Revit is not very efficient (I don't know if you can help them to make it from Archicad itself or DDS-CAD with some kind of association).


Thanks for reading me. Greetings

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BIM Manager
Abraham Smith

It would also be worth reviewing the advances that MagiCAD has with AI and its possible connection

BIM Manager

It might help if the core code was working before AI tried to take the reins...

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