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The new customization abilities in 8 are very advanced compared to that of 7 however for it to be truly customizable it would be great to be able to...
- Create my own buttons that run a macro of common command routines. For example, you could make a custom button that opened all view-sets and saved them. the possibilities are endless and are available in a few other CAD packages.
- Ability to change colours of folders. This way templates, drawing types can be colourcoded.
- Ability to create 'read-only' layouts (template layouts). Good for setup templates as unfortunately not everything can go in the Master Layout, we make a copy of the layout template which already has the correct master file linked and some text such as scale and issues in the actual layout.
- Nearly everything should be customizable in ArchiCAD, it is the key to a slow and a fast cad operator

-Enable rotation of plan without changing co-ordinates. Currently to work on a drawing at a angle with north not up the page the whole drawing has to be rotated, making its co-ordinates (in surveyors terms) irrelevant. Microstation and Autocad allow the whole drawing to be rotated without changing its relation to the origin.

-Allow the scale to be changed in view only mode to all aspects of the projects at their proper scale. As it stands you need to change into teammate or teamleader to do this.
-When you sign into a teamwork project it does not check whether hotlinked modules are updated even if the option is selected in the hotlinks options button to 'ask to check hotlinks'. This option only seems to work in a solo project or when opening a teamwork draft.
-Add to the right-button menu a command to allow layers to be transferred into or out of 'my workspace'. i.e. right-clicking on an object.
-ArchiCAD does not seem to remember all project preferences for a teamwork file from when it was last worked on. It does not remember - 'list by' function in the layer options (does not remember in solo projects aswell), scale, photorendering settings (does not always remember in solo projects aswell).
-Attributes cannot be loaded from a teamwork project
-Layer combinations cannot be changed in team leader (non-exculsive) mode, this feature really needs to be brought back to save removing everyone from a large project just so they can be changed. Leaving this feature out slows everything down.
-Teammates should only be allowed to change 'shared' viewset folders. Not create new viewset folders. Can cause the project to be very messy if not monitored all the time by the project manager.

-ability to delete a point rather than having to drag in onto another one.
-When there is an error with a polygon, such as a fill,slab,or mesh. The error should be able to be highlighted in plan/3d. It is almost impossible to find the error if the polygon has thousands of points.

Option to use multicoloured fills. Great for presentation drawings and would be unique.

- Lock the position of a layout in a series. This will ensure no layouts are moved once issued which is very dangerous
- When Layout Number is changed to custom. Can the dialogue become active in the navigator instead of greyed out.
- Mulitlined Layout Names. Very rarely do we name a drawing in one line, it would contain 2 or 3 lines.
- I think it would be very benifical to have a additional dialogue/list that has all the issues listed for each individual layout. Currently it is assumed that all drawings are issued at once, but this will happen rarely, only really at the start of the project. The dialogue/list would contain issue letter, issue date, and description. Having this option available in the Navigator as a different means of listing the layouts would be excellent.
- Since all layouts are now saved in the one file, backup has become a VERY important issue. I hope i never corrupt one of the files and lose over 100 drawings in one go. Can we please have a means of backup, this could be very similar to how teamwork backsup, with a backup folder and backing up at a user defined time, preferably daily, with the last 5 backups kept.

-When redefining view, it does not overwrite current storey

-Fixed size arrowheads. Can be used for scaled stair risers or ramps, etc. Without them getting too big when changed to a small scale
-arc defined by 2 points and radius (necessary for boundary co-ordinates)

-Find and select by x and y co-ordiantes. Great for selecting, for example, a column in the 3d window that runs through many levels of a building.

-When 'Renew ALL section windows' from the window menu, there needs to be a confirmation dialogue appear. This can cause dire consequences if unintentionally selected

-Please allow us to place 2D modules in the section/elevation window. Currently this is only possible with patchs but a module is more easily modified.
-Allow modules to be opened with a right-click or something similar that is quick instead of having to open another archicad window, finding the file, then opening it.
-Button to update all hotlinks that are outdated only (variation on update all hotlinks button)
-Ability to select multiply hotlinks and click on 'skip nested' checkbox
-Button to return hotlink to origin (original co-ordinates)

-Unlimited segments for a leader and arrow. Simply double-click to finish the leader, 2 leading lines are not enough in most circumstances!

-Show a wall on storey above, below or on all. Great for a wall that is used for a mezzanine level.

-Radial Dimensioning that does not need a arc to link to (define a arc when placing the dimension). i.e. where there is a break in a long arc it is not possible to dimension across this break unless a arc is drawn and then hidden on a different layer.

-ArchiCAD does not remember the size of the window you use for elevations. Some people work with ArchiCAD with all windows full screen whilst others make them smaller and tile them like myself. My problem is when someone who works with fullscreen opens a project i am working on, and changes the elevation window to full screen, and next time it opens it will default to this setting rather than how i had it last time i opened it.

Send the file name to the plotter when plotting so it appears in the plotter que. Most other packages do this.

The new 'story global variables' that allow the 2d symbol to be controlled on any storey is a great feature. However it is not possible to completely HIDE an object on a story, a sole hotspot always ends up on every storey if 'show on all storey's' is clicked. For example I have a curtain wall object that shows on a user defined number of storeys but i do not want ANY hotspots to show on any other storey in case it is moved or deleted accidently (ie the hotspot may be accidently selected on a story it does not appear on).

The ID field is often used by users as a quick means of inputing not only id_nos of objects but also for other defined parameters within an object. For this reason can it be extended to take more characters.

Can we have an additional sliding bar for 'wall vs columns' please

-Ability to list by extension wherever layer list is available, ie not only available in the Layers Settings, but also in the dialogue boxes.
-Also button in either Layers dialogue or Attribute manager to apply an extension to all layers. This would be great for survey layers which we have as a separate file, and then add an extension to each layer called .survey. Thus when hotlinked into the main file, all survey layers are sorted by extension. This is a good system but we waste time adding the extention to layers one by one.

-Can the saving options of the short-cut keys work the same as every other system we use. I.e. When we are using a custom short-cut key scheme, then change one of the keys, the name of the sheme reverts back to Untitled Scheme. Should it not simply either ask to save to current scheme then and there or when you close the dialogue box ask to save current scheme, not always revert back to another scheme. No-one needs to create hundreds of schemes for every button they change.
- Save shortcuts and top toolbar settings as a file for when newer versions are loaded on.

Make the list of Favourites sort alphabeltically in all dialogues

When setting colours, the custom colour does not work well. Each time one of the custom pen colours is selected, the 'active' colour changes to that colour. However if i would like to start from one of the already set colours it is impossible to first select that colour, change it how i want it (for example lighter or darker) then save it as a custom colour. Unless the first custom colour is overwritten each time, in which you can only have one custom colour at one time. The solution: When you press 'Add to custom Colours' there should be an option to select WHICH custom colour to save to.

Similar to a hotlink, it would be nice to be able to put repeat stories in. IE, repeat a storey over other stories without having to put hotlinks in. This would save computer refreshing time for building towers with typical floors, not to mention having to rebuild the whole model because the hotlinked storey has changed over several stories with only a minor change.
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Where was I when this was going on?... And I don't see a poll available, though this is in the wish area. There's a couple of things that I really agree with, as well as some that don't affect me one way or another. Hmmm.... how to deal with that...
Mark wrote:
- Create my own buttons...
- Ability to change colours of folders....
- Ability to create 'read-only' layouts (template layouts) [in PlotMaker]...
- Option to use multicoloured fills....
- Lock the position of a layout in a series...
- Mulitlined Layout Names...
- ...additional dialogue/list that has all the issues listed for each individual layout...!!!
- ...a backup folder and backing up at a user defined time, preferably daily, with the last 5 backups kept.
Agree again...
-When 'Renew ALL section windows'... confirmation dialogue...
-...size of the window you use for elevations.
This has been annoying even when you use different screen settings. For a while I was working with files on a 13.3" laptop screen and a 19" desktop screen. It was a real pain having to adjust all the screens when switching back and forth.
- ...can it be extended to take more characters.
- Ability to list by extension wherever layer list is available...
- ...apply an extension to all layers...
- Make the list of Favourites sort alphabeltically in all dialogues...

Yeah, what he said... There's probably more that I agree with (or probably less), but having full knowledge of the software yet prevents me from knowing better.
Geoff Briggs
Good list. I mostly agree. Teamwork is often neglected and needs it's own forum.
Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
AC7-27, M1 Mac, OS 14.x
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Mark I agree with your wishes. I was hoping this was a poll and I could just answer yes. If it was only that easy!!
Michele wrote:
Mark I agree with your wishes. I was hoping this was a poll and I could just answer yes. If it was only that easy!!
It is now ... this is an OLD wish, so the poll was not automatically created.

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