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Can't see entire layer name in Layer Settings window

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The layer settings window is sizeable vertically, but not horizontally. Drawings from most architects contain several dozen layers with very long names, such as FIRST LEVEL MAIN BUILDING FURNITURE CALLOUTS. If they have two dozen layers that start with "FIRST LEVEL MAIN BUILDING FURNITURE" , I cannot see anything beyone "FIRST LEVEL MAIN BUI", for example. Why can't I size the window wider so I can see the entire layer name of all of the layers? To turn off a layer I have to select an item on that layer and click on the layer name pull down menu, scroll down to find the layer that is checkmarked, and then count down through the FIRST LEVEL MAIN BUILDING FURNITURE layers to see which one it is, say the 17th, and then open the Layer Settings and scroll down the the list to the FIRST LEVEL MAIN BUI layers and count down 17 and turn that layer off. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

I can see the entire name of all the layer in the drawing attributes window, why not the layer settings window???