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Create 2 different elements for wall opening and window frame.


Allplan has a usefull specificity that would be interesting to add in AC.

I would love that on the one hand the wall opening and on the other hand the door or window frame, being different objects, with ability of different renovation status, different layers, different ID, etc.

In a logical way of representing a usual building, opening in a loadbearing wall is defined by it's own specificities (lintell, stone, wood, metal, or beton frame, profile, etc.) that can be independent from those of the items we put in : window, grid, shutters, etc... These items just need to be linked to the openig geometry.

In this case, if for example we copy a window frame to a smaller opening next to the first one, it will adapt automaticly the dimensions, but the frame specificities will not change.

The most usefull consequence of this idea is that we will have a correct representation of a new window adapted to an existing opening.

Other interesting consequence woud be that AC should have a more rich catalog of wall opening profiles.

And finally, it would be much more adapted for the practice of dowloading the window frame model of a specific industrial company and combine it to any other item (shutters, sun protection, grid, etc) from any other company, then put them together in one opening with it's specific geometry and masonery details. For example, you will not find today on bimobject an aluminium window in an old stone opening.

For that idea, it is no more usefull to make difference between door and window tool.

In the example image her, the blue color shows the new elements.

Capture d’écran 2023-02-24 104448.jpg

Étienne - AC 24 - France

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