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Families in Archicad


Make a system like families in Revit for Archicad.

Archicad can make custom objects today through libraries & objects, but it can not customize the object after it is saved as an object. 

I work as an architect and need the possibility to change my design through the different phases. Through the process our architecture/design is in a constant change!

Thank you.


you need to go to another level of control GDL...

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards
Eduardo Rolon

Completely agree with @ryejuan , that is what GDL is for. Could GDL be made easier? That is a better wish.

Also families will not help with design options.

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Nick Smith

Might be a dumb question but what are families?


I use MOD files a lot in archicad to save a all of my pre-designed elements and objects for re-use later (eg specific walls / floors / windows / claddings etc.).


I just save a group of them as a MOD file and then they're there ready to drag and drop into the next job I work on...

Families are a revit feature, which allows for the creation of "parametric" objects out of a single object, hence the name families.  


in capable hands, like gdl, they can do wonders. Otherwise, they are also the source of much frustration and lost hours worldwide.

It could be argued that Revit Families are either the equivalent of Modules that you can be edited in place or of GDL objects that work like instances (if you edit one the others auto update) depending on use.

So we have had equivalent workflows since forever but usually an user of another software package wants to have the exact same workflow as they used in the other software instead of learning how to use the new software (search for the "autocad offset wars" of 10 years ago) and we get these types of wishes.

AC can import "families" though not fully parametric, we can create modules, objects, and have LPM so we have multiple ways to achieve the same result.

GS can and should keep updating Modules, GDL, LPM to make them better but wishing that AC becomes RVT instead is kind of pointless.

Can GS "steal" other stuff? That is a different debate.

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