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Ability to make markers (section, elevation, etc.) "display only"

I have "utility sections" that I like to move around the project while I'm working. I made them a bright color and made the heads big, but I still sometimes forget to move them off to the side before printing or making PDFs. I'd love to be able to se...

Chris H by Contributor
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Create preset text for elevation dimension tool

In AC26, new level dimension tool was presented with possibility to create favourites with presets text/autotext.It would be nice to add this feature for the elevation option in dimension tool. Sometimes it is needed to add some static text (eg. uppe...

Families in Archicad

Make a system like families in Revit for Archicad.Archicad can make custom objects today through libraries & objects, but it can not customize the object after it is saved as an object. I work as an architect and need the possibility to change my des...

Feature Request: Pointer note text alignment setting

Wishing for a setting where any pointer-type note placed will have it's text automatically align to the pointer side. This is always the preferred side in our office, I don't know about others. It looks funny to me if the text is aligned to the left ...

Resolved! Feature request: "Copy" of RGB values

In pen sets and surfaces and probably elsewhere, I can select colors using the RGB (or other) sliders. If I want to copy that color code to a different surface or pen, I have to write it down somewhere and then reenter it for the new pen/surface. The...

Feature request: Dimension unit override

Wishing there was a way to override dimension units for dimension strings. For example, this would allow one to show some dimensions as feet and inches for general construction, and others as fractional inches, for accessibility. Thanks!

Feature request: Drag a copy to drag multiple

Wishing for a way to switch from dragging a copy to dragging multiple. When dragging an element, the option key (on Mac) can be pressed to drag a copy or option and command together together to drag multiple. But when dragging a copy by using command...