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IFC Child layers



When an IFC-model is linked into the project as a linked module it is placed on a (one) module-layer. It’s child-layers are imported and het their default layername is added to the existing layerlist. Afterwards it is not clear to what parent-layer the child-layers belong. They do get an IFC-marking (last column in the layerlist) but one can not see to what parent-layer it belongs. Wouldn’t it be great to see that?

Brian Spears

With Groups not suspended, you can select the Hotlinked Module, right-click, click Hotlink Selection Settings, and the Master Layer is displayed in the Hotlink Settings panel. The Master Layer is not a parent to children Layers, but it is a Master Layer on which the Hotlink exists, allowing you to toggle the entire Module off when needed but turning off the Master Layer. I would recommend a dedicated Layer to serve as the Master Layer for the Hotlinked Module. My template has dedicated Master Layers on which we put Structural IFCs, MEP IFCs, native Modules for shell, core, or repeating apartment units. They don't get used on every project, but they're there when we need them.

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Brian Spears
BIM Manager, Steele Group Architects
Winston-Salem, NC
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