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Interactive Schedules formatting

this is a wish that tries to unify all wishes about the new format of schedules. We need to have broader options for manipulating a schedule like:
1.more freedom with creating customised sums,
2.multilevel flagged items,
3.formatting based on a field itself as opposed to a field category formatting only,
4.possibility to add any customised text next to calculated one within one field (typically an area unit next to calculated number),
5.placing (copy/paste) graphical data (images) into fields,
6.unlimited 'dummy' or Custom Text fields,
7.'Duplicate' button for schemes
8. scaled opening views
9. possibility to dimension drawn objects in fields
10. horizontal alignment for fields (top/center/bottom)
11. extending the sum function to another logic (simple) functions like multiply, divide, subtract etc

this way the OLE technology would not be missed by pc users at all, I recon
Don't forget linewrap for longer cell contents
Tom Waltz
Andy Thomson
I think your list, and Tom's suggestion covers everything I can think of. I would add however scaling of 2D view of elements (larger/smaller, as if they were drawings, which they are!), and a few simple arithmetic functions, such as subtract, divide, multiply...

If it could do that, and some of the other functions on your list, I could pretty much delete excel from my machine. That being said, I think the new schedules are awesome - almost. 😉
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Two thumbs up for unlimited 'dummy' or Custom Text fields.

Windows 10, AC 25

You can create as many properties as you want. Make them "String" Data Type, make them available for the Classifications of your intended element types, and you can use them and modify them in schedules.

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