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Macro GDL parameter type



My wish would be to get a new parameter type for GDL objects, to which users can assign any object of the Macro subtype. I imagine this as a logical extension of the profile parameter type.


The motivation for this request is to make it easier to build modular objects, where the user can swap out sub-objects such as doors, pulls, and legs in millwork, or chair / table styles in furniture arrangements. Right now, you can save geometry as a 'Cabinet Door' subtype, but the selection dropdowns used by millwork objects are actually populated by one of the custom_comp_collection objects, which is not user-friendly to edit, and the connections are easily broken. More limiting is the way that the macro is called - a millwork object for example, calls 'Object_Panel_Collection.gsm', which in turn calls the actual panel macro object with a very limited set of hard-coded inputs:

call "Cabinet Door 1.gsm" parameters A=A, B=B, ZZYZX=ZZYZX

This means that aside from length, width and height, the custom sub-component can't make use of any parameters, not even the material of a custom cabinet panel can be changed without re-saving the geometry.


I have written some components with a string parameter where the user can type in the name of a macro, but this is, as I understand the documentation, not optimal for execution speed, and not very convenient as you need to know the exact name of the object.


If this datatype is not practical for whatever reason, then a useful alternative would at least be to add another option to the LIBRARAY_MANAGER application query. At present it returns a list of all the .ies files in the library, and a list of all the image files. More options to list the names of all the library objects, or everything in a given folder, would make it possible to build popup list infields to pick a meaningful selection of macro objects.



See my wishes for object hierarchies:




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