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Real wishes.

I wish that everybody who puts in a wish would take the time to master the tools that are currently available. The reason for this is that more than half the wishes can be obtained in a so-called "work around ".

Are these workarounds? Or are these just the tools that somebody has not taken the time to understand and thus cannot use to its full potential? What is the definition of a workaround does anybody actually know this?

To me the specifics have become that everybody wants Archicad to be like every other software out there, they want it to accommodate their every need, yet they are unwilling to spend the time needed to understand Archicad as a program itself.

Archicad is a program, that has multiple tools for multiple disciplines It isn't actually designed for any one person or relative group. It's designed as a tool for anyone who wants to model something in 3D to use. Really the problem that we have in the forums today is that everybody here expects the program to behave as they would expect it to in the world. And that's not the case. The case of hand is that instead of understanding the tools people assume that using the tools are a workaround. And like many have said work around suck and nobody wants to deal with them but the problem is that they aren't actually work arounds it's people understanding that these are modeling tools this is a modeling program It happens to have been directed towards architect's initially. But unfortunately for all of us people in the architectural industry this program has become a robust way to put three-dimensional ideas into a format that others can understand and just because you can't do something the way you want or the way Revit or AutoCAD or any CAD did it does it mean it's a workaround. What it means is that you felt understand the purpose of the tool. A slab is not necessarily a slab. A roof can be much more than a roof and thus every tool in this program can be much more than what it is " dictated " to be. So before any more wishes are so profoundly pushed and argued about how about we all start talking about how to use the tools we have and what they can do because none of it's a workaround we are all working around the tools we have available correct? I mean is someone here going to reinvent the hammer can it do more than push a nail? Likely not and thus is the conundrum that we ourselves in now.

So my wish is this, I wish that everybody here who posts a wish has spent more than 8 hours per tool or even read through the PDF documentation of each tool individually and then come back and tell me that they can't achieve their goals because if you can't achieve your goals with the tools Archicad has provided, then you should probably just pick a different software and complain somewhere else because basically at this point using version 24 I can accomplish everybody's wishes with minimal use of the tools at hand you just have to know how to use them and I would dare say 75% of the people on this forum don't know how to use the tools provided, and or are unwilling to spend the time needed to execute and learn the procedures.

The biggest question at hand, how much time do you spend learning anything? Because at the bare minimum you should be spending that much time per tool in this program to achieve your goals. I can quantify everything in my document I can produce every visual thing I need for my clients and I'm using version 24 so either I can achieve things that you can't for some reason or the rest of you are just lazy and complaining about how much time it takes because of how much money it costs when in all reality if you spent the time to understand the cost would drop drastically. There's no exception for this there's no excuse if the program you have that you paid for that is at your fingertips doesn't do what you want quit complaining unless you have mastered every tool it offers because if you haven't then you're nothing more than a troll trying to get something to be something it isn't or wasn't or shouldn't be or maybe it should be and could be but you have yet to understand what it offers to provide a dictation of where it should go.


If you can't model what you want appropriately in ARCICAD with where it is now and I'm using version 24 again, then you are not using the program appropriately or you fail to understand what things they put in place.


I understand they win a different direction the last few versions, as I suspended my SSA agreement because none of the updates were logical for a one-person team who designs custom homes, but the fact of the matter is that there is not a better program out there that can do the things that we all need them to do. And if anyone disagrees on this wish then I challenge you to present any project of a residential style, and again I apologize to the commercial people but I assume that at some point the logistics behind how everything works tends to be the same just maybe more extreme on a skyscraper versus a rambler, but the fact still stands, most of you wishing don't know how to actually use the program so maybe instead of spending your time wishing and wanting and hoping and dreaming about what could be learn how to use what you have and find a way to maybe wish for something to capitalize on what things can do. This post is mostly meant for anybody who's used Archicad for more than 5 years because if you haven't then in all reality you probably shouldn't be wishing for anything because you haven't spent enough time mastering what's there and available.


This is long winded and I apologize if I offended anybody but the truth of the matter is that everybody wants this program to be exactly what they want and they fail to understand that it's exactly what everybody needs if they are willing to spend the time to learn the program.

How much time do you spend learning Microsoft word or Microsoft Excel or the Mac equivalent? How much time do you spend learning any program and all of its features to do what you wanted to do? Again this comes from someone who has always wanted the most information possible and with what I've been given via version 24 I can accomplish a full scale model of any structure and quantify it with ease so my real question my real wish is for everyone here to ask themselves why can't this do what they want? Is it a workaround if the tool performs that is it supposed to? We are provided with a set of exquisite tools and we squander them and complain and moan about what they can't do instead of shining on and helping each other understand what they can do.




I wish everybody would try harder to understand Archicad before they come to the forums to ask for things for their personal gain.


Well that was an epic, hope you feel better for it.


I am sure wishes are always a personal thing, and I agree they are better justified with some experience, but to some extent you have undermined your argument by sitting at AC24. That is obviously a personal choice, but it is an adverse reflection on GS. From your perspective I assume there has been so little innovation in the last two versions there has been no motivation to upgrade?


Perhaps to some extent that is also the catalyst for wishes:

1. There is a vacuum of (pre-paid) development progress against expectation.

2. Users see better ways for the software to work more efficiently that is absent from the developers perspective.  

3. There is a general consensus across software development that becomes industry standard, and if a widget is missing when all the others have it then it becomes a wish. This is the basics of evolutionary technological progress. Is your preference for Drawing Board, Pen & Paper or Computer Aided Design?


I don't disagree Workflows are frequently mislabelled as Workarounds, that is just a consequence of frustration with the interface. I have seen the kick back that some users are blinkered by the naming of tools e.g. a slab is a slab, it couldn't possibly be a ramp or a roof, and unfortunately this is one aspect that is holding back development as the interface is handling three elements when we needs only one. The same applies with beams and columns; they are matching linear elements apart from an 89 degree vertical limit and therefore require two tools. Unfortunately this takes us full circle, we are back to workflow frustration creating a stream of wishes. 

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So you agree or you don't? What is the purpose of the comment you make?


This is ultimately what I'm saying, no one knows what they are wishing because they have yet to spend time learning of functions of what is? I make money every day being proficient in the program I choose.  And yes there has been no desire for self to update to 26. I have it. I have chose to not use it as ther are little if any benefits other than ui for a one man firm.


But half of what has been added since then can easily be achieved with what was.


I use the tools provided and if you can't achieve what you want then I propose that the wishes have some more legitimate reason, a trial perhaps of the issue. But seldom does anyone on the forums try to be the best at something before then complain.

I just wish the forums was heading towards progress and it's not.  Honestly I come to the forum to chuckle at how inexperienced everyone but the moderators are outside of a few whom have actually proven worth to the forum.  I'll use 24 forever because it works. If they release a user friendly version great.

Keep in mind this all comes from someone who's only mastered a very few of the tools and if I having mastered or thinking that I have mastered even one tool can achieve what you guys all want to work around then maybe you guys should evaluate your mental state of how you interpret information because everything you need is there but everybody wants more for their money and can't comprehend that what is there can make them or give them everything they need because of the accepted that they had what they needed and maybe graph is up and start listening to all of our obscene wishes and implements something but why would they none of us can agree on any of what we need right?

I think what I'm really trying to say, is that if you haven't mastered the tools available and you're making a wish you're lazy and if anybody disagrees will then prove it, prove that you've mastered the tools that can't achieve what you want quit wishing for something extra when what you need is already there and aparent.

It's not crap it's as fault to the rest of the people can't understand the data that's output to use the program? There's no way it's successful to this point and still successful every year in some form or fashion monetary or stealing the overall limelight from revit who cares?

It seems like nobody has their **beep** together and that everybody should probably get their **beep** together before they start seeing what they need from a program they're paying for. I mean you chose to pay for it right? So you did the research to know what it had to accommodate what you needed to do right? Or you were forced into it because you got a new job? Great. So did you learn the program? Did they teach you the program? Did they give you the means to learn the program? It seems to me that the undermining consensus is that 90% of the people on this forum have yet to actually learn the program and sure you can look at all the likes all of the comments of the people on the forum but **beep** I could type one to every response to everything on this forum and I'd be an expert so we all know that a title means nothing in terms of who replies. It ultimately comes down to everybody here who is wishing for something that isn't there is complaining because they don't understand how to use the program. And I'm sure there's plenty of people who disagree with my statement but you know what? Prove it if you want to make a wish about something that doesn't work the way you want you should be able to prove or post a video you should be forced to post a video that shows that you know how to use the thing you want to change because otherwise what's the point of a wish if you don't know how to use a tool. If you don't know how to use a hammer to hit a nail how are you supposed to expect that hammer to screw in a screw well it can't because it's not supposed to and that is the problem with everybody in this program and the forum who wants to wish that something did something different. Nobody here or at least most people here have taken the time to actually learn what they're wishing or complaining about. Think of how phenomenal it would be if these wishes were actually logistical based on the program we're using? I mean really if you took this wish forum presented it to somebody who knew nothing about Archicad they were just assume that we were all trying to ride a whole new program. But we're not we pay for this we continue to pay for this and we complain and we wish but we never learn and we never try and the people that do try to help and at some point that help gets overlooked by wishing things worked differently so why would we continue to help I guess that's where I'm at. I used to give everything away for free every bit of code every bit of GDL I wrote to help everybody else. Why would I help anybody if all they can do is complain I have so many objects ready, ready to be pushed to everybody to help them obtain their goals what I've refrained. I don't care about the money it's not something that I necessarily need or want I want to help all of you guys achieve your goals. But what I realized is that if I did that if I gave and continued to give what I have everybody's just going to complain and moan and wish that it did something else instead of actually taking it upon themselves to make something happen this form, is the laziest worst form I've ever participated in regardless of the new UI everybody here is just trying to move themselves up in the status quo nobody here other than maybe a couple specific people that I've worked with who actually taught me a lot of what I know those are the people who should be building the forum but why would they because again everybody just complains there's not a single person on here who is here to help other than the moderators and a select few. And I myself have given up on everybody here except for moderators.

Personal opinion Y'all are a bunch of schmucks.

Quit complaining learn the tools know them backwards and forwards and then wish for something that you can't do otherwise you're just lazy and or unwilling to spend the time needed to actually learn the tool you're trying to use. Oh also replies to this that aren't specifically directed towards finding a way to better this form wouldn't take a shot and laugh at. 


Even if you give the best tool to a user that doesn't know how to use it won't produce the best outcome the tool can do.

In the end what is your Objective?
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@DGSketcher wrote:

From your perspective I assume there has been so little innovation in the last two versions there has been no motivation to upgrade?

I'm still happily working in AC23, with AC24 and AC25 installed and have yet to install AC26. There are some sort of nice things I noticed, but I would need to upgrade our template and I've been holding off on that for two years indeed!


Regarding the topic from SeneceDesignLLC, I can understand your frustration with misunderstanding of the software leading to wishes. I tend to either skip over these or rarely explain what I believe is a productive workflow instead.


An example would be any post complaining about inabillity to filter output, followed right away by "don't tell me to use layers for this". In our office template we have about 50-60 layers for modelling and maybe 110 layers total, including those for markers and annotation, zones, what not. Never had any issue with filtered output.


Keep breathing, have a coffee or a beer and shrug it off 🙂

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I bet you won’t like Chat GPT and how many architectural softwares are going to implement it. (Auto cad already does). For many of us lazy people, it will be a heaven. Imagine just typing “create a schedule of all doors and windows on page 6 in two columns and add product photos of type XY”. Can’t wait. That being said - Archicad is a very robust software, it is one of my favorite softwares and first of its kind where I didn’t have to draw wall line by line and I loved archicad for that. On the other side, who has a time when doing business to study archicad to get from A to B, instead in archicad it’s many time A-cdbedfg- B. We use archicad professionally for our interior design studio , we are not very demanding when it comes to function or some extreme functional settings, we aren’t engineers so imagine the frustration when we are looking for a simple solution to simple thing which happens to have very difficult workaround…. It’s annoying. To your point, we are very unmotivated to learn because of this, and may seem lazy. And hence the “wishes”. We don’t want workarounds we want simple way of doing things without the need or 1000clicks.

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