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Renovation Filter Wish - Duplicating a Filter including its Pinned Geometry

Emre Senoglu

As some of you might know, the renovation filters are very useful for creating iterations/options inside a single Archicad file. John (ContraBIM on youtube) explains this method quite well:


In extension to this, it would be a very useful feature to be able to duplicate a filter (renovation layer / option however you want to call it) along with all the geometry pinned to that specific filter. Currently, you have to copy all the geometry for each story when creating a new option/iteration.



Being able to duplicate all the pinned geometry would greatly speed up the multiple option workflow which I assume many architects/offices use.

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Instead of duplicating geometry we should just be able to pin to multiple filters.

Or maybe they just add the missing 5% to the issue manager and we could also manage design options. We are so close, and yet so far away.

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going to give this a bump... 

Currently setting up a project that will have at least 2 phases. We are considering phase 1 = existing, phase 2 = new. This should allow us to show/hide without redundant geometry or unnecessary layers.


Pinning to a renovation filter is ok for small iterative studies; but wondering if anyone has any other workflow ideas for phased projects?


I anticipate my idea of using reno status for phases may fall short when we undoubtedly get a phase 1.5 or phase 3 or have iterations of each phase

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