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Schedule Text Rotate


Is there a way to rotate the text in cell of a schedule?







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 no.  but you could - if desperate enough - make a pseudo schedule with fills, text, lines.... and place it over rotated schedule, or over duplicate but rotated schedules one rotated one not.  It would have to be a desperate situation 🙂   Export the schedule to XL, tweak, display as .pdf.  


And example of the first silly idea is something I did once in order for interactive data to fit the ResCheck app.   Copied the page, cut holes in it, adjusted the Interactive Schedule so the data would fit the template/page.  Not worth the effort 🙂 

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Mahmoud Qenawi

Hi Johann, in ordinary Archicad schedules you can’t rotate the text but you can do it in Excel.

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no, it's one of those things where the tool has limits and we just need to find a balance between what the software does well and it's limited ability to meet graphic/layout proclivities... I always figure I will sacrifice issues of graphic appearances as long as I don't have to sacrifice design/documentation flexibility

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Not rotated, but you can get it vertical.


R >keep hitting the space bar until you get to the far side of the schedule cell








Not very pretty, but vertical



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As you are clearly happy with "W x H Size" then consider consolidating ROOM NO. to...

Room No.

Rm No.



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Another wish is like allow you to be able to use formulas in the table like divide multiply etc. instead of pushing the info in excel. Also color coding the rows and columns it will be really useful in my opinion. 😁

In the end what is your Objective?
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